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March 12, 2013


School staffer responds to criticism of column


This letter is in reply to Mr. Kenneth Miller’s spin on the recent News and Tribune guest column by Mr. Travis Haire, assistant superintendent at Greater Clark County Schools.

Mr. Miller, I would like to know your source of information of the Alternative to Suspension Program for Greater Clark schools. Maybe just by being omnipotent you can criticize something you know nothing about.

Have you taken time to call the Suspension Site to learn what is taking place there? The site is not set up to be a replacement for school. It is set up as an alternative to out-of-school suspension. With this facility, parents know that their suspended student is in a safe place, and that they will be supervised by licensed, experienced teachers. 

Students may work on school assignments, e-school or work provided by the Suspension Site in a safe, controlled environment.

Counseling is provided in cooperation with Childplace Services. Students from University of Louisville Kent School of Social Work provide students with group workshops on a variety of topics. Topics include, but are not limited to, anger management, coping skills, bullying, drugs, alcohol, tobacco and conflict resolution.

These workshops give students an opportunity to work through some difficult teenage scenarios, and this may assist them in making better choices with more positive outcomes.

It is my intent to inform Mr. Miller and the parents of Greater Clark students of the structure and function of the Suspension Alternative Site.

— Jane Kendall, Suspension Alternative Site, Greater Clark County Schools


Mourdock urges financial caution


Few Hoosiers read the financial pages because the information presented seems complex, pessimistic or occasionally too optimistic. 

The economy has struggled since 2008 and investors have ridden a roller coaster of expectations. We’re accustomed to our retirement accounts being battered by forces as diverse as riots in Greece, tsunamis in Japan, and the action — or inaction — of our own Congress.

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