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October 9, 2013


Doctor writes that Young isn’t supporting women

When a woman is oppressed, and there are several countries that come to mind, there is no democracy. Oppression of women in these countries is often focused on controlling their bodies.

Organizations working in health care and public health workers all know that controlling the number and frequency of pregnancies is a key in bettering the health of both women and their infant children.

I was dismayed at the vote of U.S. Rep. Todd Young, R-Ind., to deprive women of control over their bodies (health) by allowing unrelated male employers to deny them coverage for contraceptives. At the same time, he would gladly support giving his male cohorts access and coverage to drugs for erectile dysfunction.

I wonder which state he thinks he represents? Does he not know that Indiana ranks No. three in the nation in infant mortality? Does he not know that in one third of the counties in Indiana a woman has absolutely no access to obstetrical services? Does he not know that Indiana has one of the lowest amounts of public health funding in the U.S.? Now he wants to add still another burden to Indiana residents.

I can see only three reasons a congressman would vote in a way that is so blatantly harmful to one half of their constituency: 1. His district is secure because of recent gerrymandering so his only challenge is a primary opponent from the extreme right; 2. He actually believes that woman should not have control over their bodies; or 3. he is a charlatan who only seeks the power of office, not the good of his constituents or country.

Note that none of these reasons have anything to do with sound governance, compromise or the future of the country.

 Here we go, this is what the shutdown is really about.

— Dr. Edward J. Ryan, Floyds Knobs

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