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November 2, 2013



... To Indiana State Rep. Ed Clere, a Republican, who said his party has become a stumbling block to extending health care for low-income Hoosiers.

States were given the option to expand Medicaid coverage under the Affordable Care Act, and Indiana Gov. Mike Pence and Republican leadership decided not to do so. While most elected officials go along with their party leadership on almost every big issue, Clere stood up and called state Republicans out on this important issue.

It shows that he is standing on his own principles and is doing what he thinks is right, instead of rubber-stamping the Republican talking points.

— Chris Morris, Assistant Editor


... to the Clarksville Police Department for the police coverage during Halloween.

I live in the Greenacres area and we saw a police car come by at least every 20 minutes. My daughter who lives on Parkwood said the same thing — police were everywhere.

The turnout during this year was massive — kids came from 6 p.m. all the way to the end at 9 p.m. It was one of the first times we handed out all our candy.

I called the police department to thank Chief Palmer for protecting our community and changing the trick-or-treat night because of the potential of bad weather. He said the thank you for the good weather night goes to Bob Polston, the town council president, who made the change in fear of the storms coming.

Mr. Polston, thank you for making that happen. You made the right choice, I only hope other communities had the great night we did in Clarksville.

— Dorothy Kinder, Clarksville


... to News and Tribune Publisher Bill Hanson for organizational skills that resulted in a wonderful Power of Pink Gala.

Anyone who attended had a grand time. What a timely and needed promotion for a disease that has touched so many. Great job, Bill.

— Pat Harrison, New Albany

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