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May 13, 2013

CUMMINS: Let technology enhance your humanity

If humanity is important to humankind, then you should look at yours. Humanity is much different from other things in our lives. It encompasses our hearts, minds and souls, leading to a spiritual life, if you choose to pursue one. Humanity is the human qualities which separate you from animals, although there are animal species possessing qualities that are closer to humans than people trapped in the cyber realm. Many thinkers think the spiritual dimension is the key to your humanity. If your purpose in life is to learn how to use high-tech stuff and use it as a religion, you are neglecting your spiritual growth.

Humanity seemed to be progressing fairly well, but rather slowly until nerds began tinkering with technology. A few years ago, man awakened from a stupefying slumber to the realization that drudgery stifles human growth and interferes with the meaning of his life. Man spent too much time hunting and gathering, mowing lawns, declaring wars, writing letters and dialing cumbersome phones, getting wrong numbers or busy signals. It was difficult to enhance humanity when man was preoccupied with keeping up with the Jones family. Our neighbor Jones family didn’t have a clue as to the meaning of anything.  

If somehow man could change channels with a remote, dial quickly on the spot and mow lawns and fight wars with robots, he could devote more time to having fun, and when that ran its course, work on his spiritual life.

What happened was that as brain power developed, man discovered technology and said, “This will free us.” Free us from what? Free us to create passwords that open digital doors. Hesitatingly, I jumped on the rocket-speed bandwagon. It was a personal mistake, as I struggle to gain Facebook friends. 

Here I sit at a computer surfing for answers when I could be having more fun or pursuing an aesthetic, or better yet, a spiritual life. Do I tweet, blog, text, face the facts with Facebook or link up with LinkedIn? I’m over-linked as it is. Where’s a hacksaw when you need one?

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