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August 3, 2013



... to clerks at Walgreens pharmacies in Clark and Floyd counties.

It is obvious they have not only been taught great customer service, but are employing it. Nearly every trip I make to a Walgreens, I am impressed with the high level of customer service provided.

Congratulations to management as well. Whatever program you are selling your employees, it’s obvious that they’re buying into it.

 — Publisher Bill Hanson



... to a local athlete with special skills.

He’re to a safe trip and a fun time to Amon Armour as the 7-year-old competes in the 2013 World Dwarf Games in Michigan.

See the story about Amon on page A1 today and you’ll learn that the Jeffersonville elementary-schooler truly gets the most out of his abilities.

That’s something we all can strive for.

— Editor Shea Van Hoy


... to the city of Jeffersonville for adding a protected turn arrow to the traffic light for drivers on Middle Road wanting to turn onto Allison Lane.

I wrote to the News and Tribune a while back about the need for this as it was dangerous and caused terrible backups on Middle Road especially at rush hour. I'm glad to see the city apparently researched this and agreed with me. A big thank you to whomever is responsible for doing this.

— Mike Ranney, Jeffersonville

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