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May 13, 2014


Committee gives thanks for positive event

On behalf of the Edwardsville Spring Clean committee, we wish to thank the numerous sponsors, businesses, organizations and volunteers that either supported or worked the event Saturday, April 26. This was the third year for the beautification project that came out of the County’s Edwardsville Gateway Master Plan.

More than 80 people participated in the event, which theme this year was “G is for Green.” From roadway and waterway cleanup to landscaping and tree plantings, 10 sites were targeted by the various volunteers. The committee’s thanks also goes out to our community sponsors whose sponsorship help to defray cost associated with the event. The sponsors are the following: Grant Line Nursery, Cornell Harbison Excavating, Edwardsville Trace Apartments, Gas and Stuff, Strand and Associates, Heritage Engineering, Jacobi, Toombs and Lanz, McDonald’s and First Harrison Bank.

For the first time, the committee expanded its efforts by promoting and providing a fun-filled “Movie in the Park” event at Garry Cavan Edwardsville Park on that same evening. An estimated 300 residents enjoyed the exploits of Olaf, Sven and Anna in the Disney movie “Frozen.” With the success of the movie event, the committee hopes to continue it as a new tradition. We wish to thank our movie sponsor, Loftus and Romeo Development LLC for its support.

We also like to recognize Grace Thrasher a student at Highland Hills Middle School for being the winner of the T-shirt logo contest and to Golf Experience for being the sponsor for the logo contest event.  

A special note of thanks is also given to the Floyd County Soil and Water Conservation District for providing grant funds to assist in the work completed on Ind. 64 in the eroded bank area. This project would not have been possible without such a strong and willing partner like the district.

Again, we wish to thank all of the volunteers, staff, and sponsors that made the event such a huge success. We will see you again in 2015.

— The Edwardsville Spring Clean Committee, Garry Teigland, chair

Reader dismayed by Indiana’s course

Just once, that’s all. Just once, I would like to pick up the newspaper and learn that Indiana is ranked in at least the top half of the nation on a social or economic measure.

A recent News and Tribune carried the front page news that we are ranked in the bottom 10 of our nation with regard to the number of college degrees per population. This follows news that Indiana has the fifth highest infant mortality rate in the country, and the fourth worst air pollution. We rank 41st in the overall health of our citizens, and 39th in per capita income. The number of children in poverty has doubled in the last 10 years under state Republican leadership.

We now have had 10 years of state Republican leadership and in this last session of the state legislature the Republicans held a super majority. So what did they do with that power to bring change, growth, health and economic prosperity to Indiana?

They spent three months arguing about sex and teaching the meaning of Christmas in the public schools. It was the proverbial Nero fiddling while Rome burned, for despite all of the empty talk by our current governor, one salient fact remains. Indiana ranks in the bottom 20 percent of the nation on every meaningful social, economic and health measure.

All of these statistics relate directly to actions taken on the state level. It is clear to me that state and county elections matter — they matter a lot. So don’t be tempted to stay home in November because you think it is an “off year” without important political races.

We need to chart a new direction for Indiana, and we have a number of very exciting Democratic candidates ready to step in and focus their time and energy on actions that will actually improve the lives of Hoosiers.

— Susan Ryan, Floyds Knobs