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June 6, 2013


Reader concerned with thoughtless people, the heartless

I’m writing this letter in regards of how I feel. What is wrong with people? 

On Friday night, May 31, a friend of mine called at 10:45 p.m. to tell me her puppy got killed. The pup ran out of the yard following a car up to Hamburg Pike by Thomas Jefferson Elementary School. 

Just as she was getting up there to get the pup, a car came over the hill and hit her. She died. The person in the car didn’t even stop. The elderly lady didn’t know how to tell my daughter. You see, my daughter gave it to her for a Christmas gift.

Of course, why would people care if they hit a animal, when in this world a 19-year-old was killed in a car by a hit and run. Her father served in the Army overseas, came home to surprise her and ended up burying her. 

Another young girl, 20 years old, was killed and left by the side of the road — a hit and run — and what about the young officer killed, leaving two children and a wife?

Remember, you all got away with this, but one day you’ll be judged by a higher person. May God have mercy on you. You leave a lot of heartache on innocent people and families.


— Phyllis Lowe, Jeffersonville


Dowtown street grid reform needed

Main Street in New Albany already runs two ways, and so the precondition of most importance already has been achieved.

However, Main Street was degraded for decades according to usage dictates as a state road. Now the city owns it, and a multimillion dollar corridor redesign is underway. It will calm traffic, repair infrastructure and provide decorative touches. All of this is quite good, although naturally we might examine costs a bit more closely. 

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