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June 7, 2013

NASH: Reaching a milestone

Local columnist

People who know me best understand that I am not the most organized person around. I am not completely unorganized but I could always use a little refining.  

A few weeks ago I had a little down time so I decided to do something I had been threatening to do for a long time. I compiled a list of all of these weekly columns that I had written. In trying to organize my writing a little better I realized that the column that was published last week was the 200th that I had written.

Four years have almost passed and I have written a column every week except one. Last year around election time I was offered a week off to make room for letters to the editor. I have submitted columns from four different states including my brother’s house in Las Vegas, a hotel room in Utah as I prepared for my son’s wedding and a picnic table in Hot Springs, Ark., as I relaxed on my honeymoon.

From the beginning my goal was not necessarily to change the world but maybe to make our little corner of it a little better. I hope that people have enjoyed reading whether or not they have agreed with my point of view or not. If everyone was on my side for everything I wrote, what would be the point. I really appreciate hearing from people that have a different point of view than mine.

One of the biggest complaints I get is when I complain about something someone did who is of the opposite political position as I am. Earlier this year I wrote about the attorney for the Floyd County Commissioners who was arrested for driving under the influence and I called for his replacement. A reader wrote: “I wish Mr. Nash would hold liberals to as high a standard as he does conservatives.”    That reader must not have read the column I wrote condemning a councilwoman and our mayor back in June of 2011 for the same offense.

I have also taken to task several members of my party when it comes to how we are represented in New Albany and Floyd County. Anyone who has read my column with any consistency knows of my disdain for many members of the city and county councils. Some of them have moved on to other things over the last couple of years and I think we are heading in the right direction now.

Some of the more positive comments I get are when I write columns about a personal nature.  People seem to love it when I talk about myself and my life. I try not to make the column about me too often because I am worried that some readers would get bored. Over the next year or so there will be a few more personal columns as I enter my second year of marriage to the love of my life [giggle giggle giggle].

My daytime job is in retail so Christmas season is rough for me with family commitments and work obligations. Over the last few years I have written a little fiction story that is published on the Friday preceding the Christmas holiday. These columns have also been popular over the years especially the column, “A Stranger comes to Town” from 2010. It tells the story of a man who comes back to New Albany after several years away and he realizes the renaissance of our downtown. Many people reported that they loved that story.

Over the years I have had a few projects that I have wanted to see happen in New Albany and Southern Indiana. Calling for a new pool in Floyd County was one of the first columns I wrote, even before I had a permanent writing position. Now after several years, it looks like it could come to fruition. I would also like to see I comprehensive bicycle plan that would encompass Floyd and Clark counties. It could easily tie into the hundreds of miles of bicycle paths of Louisville. The Ohio River Greenway project could tie it all together over the next several years as the work there is completed.

This my 201st column that I have submitted for publishing over the last four years. That is approximately 160,000 words that I have typed on this poor laptop computer. I appreciate the opportunity to do this every week and hope I have at least another 200 columns in me. Think of all the things that have gone on in the last four years and imagine the possibilities for the next four.  I look forward to continuing to write every week as long as I can and hope everyone continues to enjoy reading.


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