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March 15, 2013

NASH: Time to clean up this town


The route I took was from the corner of Twin Oaks Drive and Roanoke Avenue and traveling south toward Ormond Road.  I then turn left on Ormond and traveled toward Charlestown Road, although I didn’t get very far before the garbage bag I was using was bursting at the seams. I ended up near the back entrance of Fairmont Elementary School.

When I got home I decided to evaluate the trash that I picked up so maybe I could better understand why it was where it was. I sorted it between actual garbage and things that could be recycled. Overall the majority of the items that I found were able to be recycled and would not have to end up in the Clark-Floyd Landfill.

The recyclable items that I picked up included 21 plastic bottles, 11 glass bottles and five aluminum cans. Among items that I found that are garbage were 27 soda cups from local fast food establishments or convenience stores. I found cups from Frisch’s, Rally’s and Taco Bell as well as a couple Polar Pop cups from the Circle-K.  

One cause for concern, besides all of this garbage that I had found, was that many of these containers that were disposed were alcoholic beverages. I discovered four Bud Light cans and two bottles. I also found six small bottles of Beam’s Kentucky Whiskey and three mini vodka bottles.  I also found full size bottles of vodka and gin. One of the disturbing things is these were not just in a single pile along the road, they were clearly thrown from cars driving down the street, which happens to be adjacent to an elementary school.  

Last fall I attended my son’s wedding in Layton, Utah, a town in metropolitan Salt Lake City. One of the first things I noticed as I traveled through town was the lack of litter all over the ground there.  What is different between that community and our own? What will it take to keep people from throwing trash from their cars as they drive down the road in New Albany?

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