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September 14, 2013



... to the elementary girls’ basketball coach who was ejected from a recent game for yelling and screaming at the referee.

This type of behavior is unnecessary and unacceptable for a coach for third, fourth and fifth grade girls. This was an “elementary"” game, not the NCAA. Shame on the coach and bravo to the referee who would not tolerate his behavior.

— Alice Butler, Jeffersonville


... to Charlestown State Park Staff. In a few short days they cleaned up Trail 2 so it was passable Friday evening.

— Bill Longest, New Albany


... to Floyd Central High School’s new traffic plan. I have to drive past the school every morning to go to work, and the new traffic plan is working very well for me.

— Cindy CeCe Hellman, Floyd County


... to the new sidewalk extension on Country Club Drive in New Albany and to those who were instrumental in making that possible.

I now will not need to walk in the street while I push my little shopping cart to do my errands. I believe that the sidewalk is a pleasant addition to the neighborhood. Thanks.

— Linda McKnight, New Albany


... to all of the individuals involved in the quick and timely transformation of the former Boardwalk Burgers building in Jeffersonville into a neat and clean Dairy Queen.

This transformation happened almost overnight. You should be commended on your quick work. And you opened when you said you would be open. It’s nice to see such commitment.

— Rayla Ratzlaff, Jeffersonville


... to the manager/owner of the abandoned Smoothie King establishment on 10th street in Jeffersonville (next to Papa Murphy’s).

I was so excited to see your store open, as you were the first Smoothie King I knew of to offer a drive-thru). I waited and waited ... and it took you forever to get this place open. You were only open for a few months, then bam! ... closed at the beginning of the year for “beginning of the Year inventory” and you have yet to open again.

As one who is addicted to smoothies, please if you do not plan to reopen take the Smoothie King signage down. I am tired of craning my neck to look at your store every time I go past your establishment on my way home in hopes that you will reopen.

I am paying my chiropractor way too much due to this.

— Rayla Ratzlaff, Jeffersonville



... to the New Albany Police Department from the entire Neafus family.

NAPD escorted my brother’s, Dr. James L. Neafus, procession to his final resting place with great respect and dignity. Thanks also to Cpl. Mark Richards of the New Albany Police Department.

Thanks also to all the people in the vehicles who took the time to pull over to the side of the road to offer their respect.

— Judy Cooksey, Sellersburg

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