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March 23, 2011

LETTERS: March 23, 2011

> SOUTHERN INDIANA — Reader: It’s time to fix education system

We would do well as a community to note that one of the very real problems in the funding of our school district is the cost of health care for teachers and other employers. Deputy Superintendent Brad Snyder said this cost has risen 65.8 percent (equal to $4.9 million) in just the past five years.

I cannot think of anything I purchase that has experienced such an obscene inflation. We simply cannot solve the educational funding issue without simultaneously working on health care reform. We continue to be the only western democracy where health care is a privilege, not a human right, and the only democracy without a national health care program. We are also number 37 in the world for health outcomes demonstrating the folly of privatizing that which is essential to human life. The insurance companies have not just robbed us of our dollars, they are now by proxy robbing us of our educational system. Fire and police protection will probably be next on the block. While robbing us of service, big pharma continues to funnel unchecked dollars into the campaign coffers of politicians like Rep. Todd Young who are willing to do their bidding and protect their vice-like hold on the American public.

The one big problem with the Affordable Care Act is that it did not go far enough. We need national health care system, or at minimum a public option for purchasing insurance. Congressmen, like Todd Young, who are committed to repealing the health care changes demonstrate a total lack of understanding of how this path of health care inflation will begin to undermine every aspect of our public lives. I have yet to hear him offer any alternative or vision for what he would do to replace this act.  

It is time for those who were so bamboozled by the “Obamacare” rhetoric to wake and see what is at stake. It is time for us to insist that the very small incremental changes that are happening in health care not be repealed.

And, it is time for us to get serious about fixing the monster that is now eroding the very foundations of our democracy. A country without an adequate and free public education system is a country in decline.

— Susan Ryan, Floyds Knobs


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