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February 28, 2012

News and Tribune letters: Feb. 28, 2012

> SOUTHERN INDIANA — Reader supports Hibbard’s raise

It is time to acknowledge the New Albany-Floyd County School Board for making the correct decision to increase Superintendent Bruce Hibbard’s compensation. It should be viewed as recognizing his role in the corporation’s educational achievements.

As a taxpayer in Floyd County, retired, without children in the school district and not knowing Hibbard, I still appreciate the job he, as well as countless others, are doing to improve local education. It is vitally important to all of us. It seems to me it is educationally and fiscally responsible to encourage and recognize improvements in our schools.

While I certainly understand the views of those that say it is the wrong time because of budget constraints and economic uncertainty, I believe that makes it even more important to value and recognize the leadership that is needed in these times. Hibbard, by most accounts, seems to provide strong leadership to make the tough decisions that are needed. He has shown himself willing to take the time to prove himself. He has a reasonable expectation to be compensated at a level similar to his peers.

If the elected leadership believe Hibbard has proven himself capable of providing the excellent leadership we all should desire and expect, it is appropriate to attempt to compensate him accordingly. Whether or not he is looking at other positions is completely irrelevant to me. We pay him for what he does in Floyd County.

I do not see this issue as paying Hibbard instead of someone else or in any way not being willing to recognize other staff or faculty. It should not be a zero-sum game. It is important to remember the improving achievements is a result of the efforts of many, many people. This was and is an opportunity to recognize one part of the equation at this time. Hopefully, the school board can continue this effort as they more forward.

I have not always been a fan of some of the decisions made by the board. Some of the spending has been downright silly to me. This decision they got right, and I applaud their decision and the leadership they have shown.

— Greg Fitzloff, Georgetown

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