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August 21, 2013

VAN HOY: News and Tribune, WAVE 3 News partnering


When I started in the newspaper business 15 years ago, “partnership” was usually a dirty word in media circles.

At that time, my first newspaper — the Kokomo Tribune — was just getting its website off the ground and the major  debate was when to post stories on the site, as to not “scoop” ourselves of glory in the next day’s print edition.

That talk is largely gone now. News is instantaneous; websites, mobile devices and Twitter solved that.

So, the question at the News and Tribune becomes, how can we best serve readers?

There’s one area we do better at than any news organization in Louisville Metro — covering Clark and Floyd counties. We have an editorial staff of 15 people dedicated to that and only that. Anyone who thinks we aren’t the leader in bringing you Southern Indiana news is fooling themselves.

Even with that many people devoted to gathering, reporting and producing news and sports, there are always more stories than we can cover. There also are technologies — such as video — that other media outlets are better at. It’s what they do as a specialty.

To bring together strengths of both news organizations and increase content for readers and viewers, the News and Tribune has started a formal partnership with WAVE 3 News in Louisville. The first example of the partnership will be coverage of the David Camm murder trial in Lebanon.

In today’s paper and on, you’ll find content from freelance journalist Gordon Boyd, who is covering the trial for both news outlets. We’ll also have coverage during the trial from other journalists.

Also through this partnership, the newspaper can bring added content to readers — and viewers on the website — through WAVE 3’s area of expertise — video.

You’ll soon see clips from our television partner on the website. We feel this will add depth to our coverage of Southern Indiana and also will allow us to bring you some stories you won’t read about in the print edition.

Another area where TV shines is weather. Coming soon to the Friday edition of the News and Tribune as well as will be a weather feature from WAVE 3 meteorologists to get readers ready for the weekend with a forecast. We have a video component planned for the near future, as well, featuring the station’s personalities.

Also to come, the News and Tribune and WAVE 3 are exploring ways to cross-promote content and possibly even team up on projects.

It’s true that, in a way, the station will remain our competition. Advertising dollars, readers and viewers are, after all, finite.

But we work and live in a very competitive media market. There are four major broadcast TV stations, a few other television outlets, radio and several newspapers and niche publications.

We’re always going to have competition, and so is WAVE 3.

What we’re attempting to do — and hope you notice — is to share our strengths so that each of our audiences gets more out of our products. We hope to help each other grow.

We hope you like what you read, and see. Please let us know what you think.

— Shea Van Hoy is editor of the News and Tribune. Contact him at