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February 1, 2013

CHEERS & JEERS: Feb. 2-3, 2013


... to the Clark County government website.

For more than a year, the site’s phone directory has listed the numbers for the county’s circuit courts with the notation that they were “formally” known as superior courts.

I think what you’re going for here is actually that what is now known as circuit court is formerly known as superior court.

While it’s been good for some laughs around our office for sure over the past year, it’s actually now become a little sad that no one in county government has noticed the mistake or bothered to fix it.

— Amy Huffman-Branham, Assistant Editor


... to actor and entertainer Jim Nabors (best known for his Gomer Pyle character).

It was reported this week that Nabors, 82, wed his partner of nearly 40 years in a ceremony in Washington earlier this year. The couple’s nuptials also marked Nabors’ first acknowledgment to media that he is gay.

In my book, it’s a joyous occasion when someone decides their happiness is worth pursuing — even if it takes them a while to get there.

— Amy Huffman-Branham, Assistant Editor


... to Amanda Beam for her opinion column on the Sodexo fiasco.

She hit the target with her research on who Sodexo is, where they are from and about their business practices, when they have negotiated contracts an what they are really about.

I can’t believe our educators (actually board members) really want to treat honest, hardworking career employees the way Sodexo — with the blessings of the school board — wants to.

— William Longest, New Albany


I echo Jamey Aebersold’s concern about the condition of the East Spring Street Silver Creek bridge.

I have witnessed many near collisions as drivers traveling toward Louisville cross over to the left lane to avoid the pot holes in the right lane.

An additional safety concern is the lack of visible lane markers in the middle and on the sides of the road. This is especially hazardous when visibility is poor in darkness or rain.

With no lines to guide them, many drivers veer out of their lanes once they realize they are close to making contact with the concrete walls. I did see one accident happen as a result of this.

— William Longest, New Albany


... to the individual(s) who attacked the fencing at the 18th Street parking area in New Albany.

They managed to break several sections of the fencing at the parking circle. Do we need surveillance cameras along the Greenway?

— William Longest, New Albany


To the individuals who have damaged the New Albany Greenway.

The Greenway is a wonderful gift to this community and for it to be destroyed by derelicts is beyond comprehension. Graffiti, broken lights and damage to signs and fences area just some examples of what these idiots have done.

Parents — do you know where your kids are? Do you know — or care — what they are doing? In the end, adults are responsible for their actions and parents are responsible for the actions of their kids.

Wake up.

— Todd Bailey, New Albany


... for the traffic signal on Blackiston Mill Road at Potters Lane in Clarksville.

This was badly needed and it is very much appreciated by many people.

— Wilma Polen, Jeffersonville


... to some gas stations in Clarksville for raising their prices 46 cents a gallon on Tuesday.

— Charlie Wyzard, Clarksville

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