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December 8, 2012



... to the man who stopped his car on U.S. 150 Monday afternoon near Greenville to help a Bullmastiff that was walking in traffic. He more than likely saved the dog’s life.

— Chuck Branham, Chief Photographer


... to the city of Jeffersonville for adding more trash receptacles along Spring Street.

With our office on the 200 block of Spring Street, I’m often walking downtown and try to pick up the trash I see and throw it away. With more stations to put cups, wrappers and so on in the first place, the less likely trash is to end up on city streets and sidewalks.

— Shea Van Hoy, Editor


... to the New Albany City Council for establishing an Ethics Commission, to which I submitted a charge regarding unethical acts by the city’s Economic Development Director, David Duggins, but a tentative Jeer that the Ethics Commission has not even responded to my complaint over the replacement of the Urban Enterprise Association Director Michael Ladd.

— Randy Smith, New Albany


... to Sarah Green at the J.B. Ogle Animal Shelter in Jeffersonville and her staff.

 It is so obvious how much she and her staff truly care about all animals — and if you think transforming an animal shelter to “no kill” is an easy task, just talk to anyone who works at the shelter.

Please include J.B. Ogle or any of our local animal rescue or shelters in your gift-giving. They need our help to keep our animals safe and to find them good homes.

— Carol Dawson, Jeffersonville



... to the city of Jeffersonville for being selected as a National Award Winner in the 29th annual National Night Out (NNO) crime, drug, and violence prevention program.

Because of the hard work of Jeffersonville neighborhood leaders and support from city officials, 2012’s  August NNO was a huge success with a doubling of neighborhood participation from the previous year. Close-knit neighborhoods increase safety and quality of life for their residents and NNO is just one effort toward that goal.

Congratulations and thanks to all who participated.

— Marilyn Czape, secretary, Jeffersonville Neighborhood Leadership Alliance

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