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December 8, 2012




... to the kind people who offer to help those who struggle with everyday tasks.

Recently, I have been the recipient of much help. This is especially true in the grocery store where things are too high, too heavy or are hard to find. People at the Sellersburg JayC Food Store are especially helpful. Thank you.

But just a word of caution: Ask before you take hold of someone. You might scare them out of their wits. Most of the time, it is better to let them hold onto you. Handrails are more stable than people; let us use them.

Remember, we are not able to move well or fast, do not walk too fast or rush us. And never grab a door when you see us struggling with it. That is unless you want to help us up off the pavement. But do keep offering your help. We do appreciate it.

And, oh yes, please do not call me “Miss” anything. It has been a long time since I was a “Miss.” Just use my given name or even “Hey, you” or “old woman.” I will answer if I hear you. I do not need a title.

I know you mean well and are trying to be respectful, but it feels condescending.

So, cheers to all you helpful people. Your help does make our lives more pleasant.

And, cheers to the News and Tribune for giving me a place to express my opinion and feelings.

— Mazie Hecker, Sellersburg


... to the U.S. Postal Service employees who insist on parking in an area labeled “customer parking” adjacent to the Jeffersonville post office.

Often, cars can be seen lined up into the street waiting for an open space in the parking lot this time of year. Considering that the USPS is losing market share, it would seem that allowing these four or five convenient spaces to be utilized several times and hour instead of unavailable most of the day should make good business sense.

To the few miscreants that repeatedly claim these parking spots and to the postmaster for allowing it to occur, I say: “bah, humbug.”

— Rich Wessel, Jeffersonville

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