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April 22, 2013

7 P.M. UPDATE: Dale Bagshaw sentenced in 2011 murder

Jeffersonville man gets 65-year sentence for slaying estranged wife



Edward “Dale” Bagshaw, 47, of Jeffersonville, was sentenced Monday to 65 years in prison, with five years suspended, for slaying his estranged wife Kelly Bagshaw in November 2011.

Before Clark County Circuit Court No. 4 Judge Vicki Carmichael handed down the sentence, Bagshaw, who wore an orange T-shirt and khaki pants, was allowed to address the court.

“I would like to say I’m sorry for everything and how it has affected my family,” Bagshaw said. “I keep thinking Kelly is going to walk in here. It’s like a dream or something.”

He was convicted Jan. 18 of murder by a jury that deliberated for less than two hours. Bagshaw appeared with his attorney Perry McCall during the proceeding. Clark County Chief Deputy Prosecutor Jeremy Mull represented the state during the trail and was present during Monday’s hearing.

Carmichael asked each attorney for their sentencing recommendation. McCall requested the minimum 45 years, while Mull requested that Carmichael hand down the maximum sentence, which was granted, minus the sentence suspension.

Mull said after the hearing that the maximum penalty was the only penalty that fit Bagshaw’s crime.

“I just don’t think that there is anything else that is appropriate in this case,” Mull said. “You can’t put a number of years that is appropriate when you take someone else’s life, but certainly, the maximum sentence is going to be appropriate in a case like this. 

“This lady took a long time to die. She died very painfully and violently, and her children were right there.”

McCall said Bagshaw was quiet after the sentencing was read and he appeared stunned at the term handed down by Carmichael.

“It has been an ongoing realization for him,” said McCall, who argued that his client has no memory of the murder. “I think he still doesn’t have any independent memory of what occurred. I think he is just trying to piece it together and deal with it the best he can. He just doesn’t understand it.”

Bagshaw was found guilty of stabbing Kelly Bagshaw with a large pocket knife more than 50 times while the two sat in her vehicle after she had arrived to pick up their two children. The vehicle was parked outside Dale Bagshaw’s residence at Lafayette Square Apartments in Jeffersonville.

Kelly Bagshaw was 30 years old at the time of her death.