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April 23, 2013

Two charged as meth found in motel room

Arrests took place at Clarksville’s Star Motel



A couple residing at Star Motel in Clarksville was arrested after methamphetamine and related paraphernalia were found in their motel room, police reported.

Dayla M. Frames, 39, and Michael Kuhner, 37, have each been charged with multiple drug-related felonies in Clark County Circuit Court No. 2 following their arrests.

While the two are believed to use methamphetamine in their motel-room home, it was a traffic stop that led to their arrests.

A Clarksville patrol officer pulled over a vehicle occupied by Frames on April 16 after seeing the vehicle fail to stop at a stop sign, then pull into the motel parking lot, located at 801 U.S. 31, without using a turn signal. During the traffic stop, Frames, who was seated in the passenger seat, exited the vehicle as an officer spoke with the driver. Police reported that Frames had to be told several times to not put her hands into her purse during the stop.

Before she was eventually told to put her purse on the vehicle, an officer “ ... witnessed [Frames] take a small baggie out of the purse and drop it on the ground and try to kick it underneath the vehicle,” according to the probable-cause affidavit. Frames was taken into custody at that time, police reported.

As police searched Frames’ purse, a glass pipe with burnt methamphetamine residue was found.

“The baggie Frames threw on the ground had a small bag of methamphetamine wrapped in a small piece of paper towel,” according to the affidavit.

Frames told police that she and her boyfriend, Kuhner, lived in a room at the Star Motel and that he would be there soon. She told police that Kuhner had given her a piece of cardboard and told her to hold it until he returned, police reported. Frames told the officers the cardboard could be found in her purse inside a small notepad. Police located the cardboard, and found it to contain another small bag of methamphetamine.

When asked if she had anything else in the motel room, Frames told police there was a small plastic bottle that possibly contained marijuana underneath a dresser. Frames gave police consent to search the room.

In the room, police located the plastic bottle, which had a small marijuana joint inside, police reported.

“Officers also located another glass smoking pipe for methamphetamine on the dresser, along with an emptied out pen used for snorting some sort of methamphetamine,” according to the affidavit.

Police continued to search the room and found another small baggie of methamphetamine inside a deck of playing card.

“Frames stated that she and Kuhner had been living in the room for sometime together and that they both smoke meth in the room on a regular basis,” according to the affidavit.

Police reported that the substance in all three plastic bags found during the incident later tested positive as methamphetamine.

Frames and Kuhner have each been charged with possession of methamphetamine, a class B felony; maintaining a common nuisance, a class D felony; possession of paraphernalia, a class A misdemeanor; and possession of marijuana, a class A misdemeanor.

Court records did not show either of the offenders’ upcoming court dates as of press time. The driver of the car was not identified in the affidavit.