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November 22, 2013

Inmate claims rape by fellow inmate at Clark County jail

Prosecutors to rule on accusation


JEFFERSONVILLE — Clark County Sheriff’s officials are investigating a claim by a jail inmate that he was sexually assaulted by another inmate on Monday.

“We had an incident where a male inmate said he was raped by another inmate,” said Clark County Sheriff Danny Rodden.

The alleged incident took place in the middle of the day, Rodden said, after the two men lingered together behind a larger group of inmates who had left the area for recreation at the Michael L. Becher Adult Correctional Complex.

Rodden did not disclose the name of either man involved in the incident.

He said the man suspected of the crime has admitted to a sexual encounter but that it was consensual in nature.

“I think the investigation was dubious,” Rodden said. “We couldn’t really say because there were inconsistencies on the part of the victim, and there were inconsistencies

throughout the whole thing.”

The man who made the claim was released on his own recognizance since Monday, but Rodden said his release was not related to the accusation of sexual assault.

“It was a situation where our cameras were not in the area. So, we really don’t know,” Rodden said. “We have surveillance cameras throughout, but every inch of the place isn’t

covered. There isn’t a camera in each bedroom. We are in the general areas, but not back in the bedrooms, their cells.”

He said the alleged victim showed no signs of injuries and that he was wearing at the time a jail-issued jumpsuit that had not been ripped or showed signs of a struggle.

The man was taken for treatment to Floyd Memorial Hospital, which offers rape examinations. A Clark County Sheriff’s detective was assigned to investigate the claim, and a

completed report has been turned over to the Office of the Clark County Prosecutor. Rodden did not confirm if the investigator recommended any charges to the

prosecutor’s office.

Clark County Chief Deputy Prosecutor Jeremy Mull said Thursday that he has yet to review the investigator’s report, and it remains undecided if any charges will be issued.

Mull said the findings of the examination conducted at the hospital may not be helpful in determining if a crime occurred.

“A sexual assault examination can certainly show evidence of trauma that many times would be  consistent with non-consensual sex, but they certainly don’t always show

that,” he said. “Sometimes, medically, there is just not anything that shows demonstratively that it [forced sex] happened.”

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