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December 23, 2013

Two Louisville man charged in Charlestown robbery


CHARLESTOWN — Two Louisville men were arrested last week following a cocaine transaction that turned into an armed robbery, according to police.

Charlestown police reported witnessing the drug deal that took place in a vehicle while at the Clarksville Taco Bell parking lot on Veterans Parkway Friday night.

Police report a man entered a vehicle occupied by Daron Montae Hayden, 31, and Shawn Lavon Beason, 41, and while in the vehicle, he was robbed of $180 while attempting to purchase cocaine.

The man reported to police after giving Hayden the money, the money was counted and Hayden looked over to Beason and nodded his head.

“ ... Beason turned around and pointed a black handgun at [the man] and told [him] to get out of the [expletive] car,” according to the police report.

Soon after the man left the car, Charlestown police approached the vehicle.

An officer told Hayden, who was in the driver’s seat, several times to stop and turn off the vehicle, according to the police report.

“Hayden refused to stop the vehicle and tried to hit [the officer] with the vehicle and drive away,” police reported.

Police then blocked in the vehicle while still in the Taco Bell parking lot, and both Hayden and Beason were ordered to the ground.

During a search of the vehicle, police located a plastic container and a small plastic bag, both containing a white-powdery substance.

Hayden was found with the $180 that had been reported stolen moments earlier and $900 in cash.

Hayden told police he and Beason came to the parking lot to collect $70 owed to him from a friend.

When asked if he had brandished a handgun, as had been reported to police, Hayden said it was Beason, his uncle, who had pulled out the weapon.

Beason was then questioned by police about what had just taken place, to which he responded, “ ... he did not know what I was talking about,” the officer reported.

He also declined pulling out the handgun to commit a robbery in the vehicle moments before.

Beason and Hayden were each preliminarily charged with robbery, a class A felony; dealing in cocaine or a narcotic drug-like substance, a class C felony; and theft, a class D felony. Beason was also preliminarily charged with class D felony resisting law enforcement.

Information on the person who was robbed was not provided by police officials.