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April 3, 2014

Palmyra man arrested on aggravated battery charge in Clarksville incident

Incident stemmed from argument over alleged attacker’s ex-girlfriend


CLARKSVILLE — A Palmyra man faces a felony charge after he allegedly attacked another man with a knife behind Kroger in Clarksville early Thursday morning.

Cody Lee Blankenship, 23, is in custody at the Michael L. Becher Adult Correctional Complex, Jeffersonville, after being booked into jail on the preliminary charge of aggravated battery, a class B felony. His bond was set by Circuit Court No. 1 Judge Dan Moore at $40,000 court cash.

The victim, Jonathan Keller, 21, told police that Blankenship had been “giving him problems and harassing him” since Keller started dating Blankenship’s ex-girlfriend, according to the incident report filed by the arresting officer.

According to the report, Blankenship called Keller and apologized for the problems he had been causing and invited Keller to meet him behind the Clarksville Kroger along Lewis and Clark Parkway. Keller told police that he and Blankenship talked for about 90 minutes.

Keller told police that when he got on his motorcycle to leave, Blankenship attacked him from behind, hitting him several times in the back of the head, according to the report.

“When he turned around to defend himself with his right arm, he was stabbed in the right forearm by Blankenship,” according to the report.

Keller sped away from the scene on his motorcycle, and said he didn’t realize until later that Blankenship had stabbed him until he got home and saw the knife wound.

“Keller stated that at no time did he see a knife,” according to the report. “The wounds to Keller were obviously knife wounds. He had about two wounds to the back of his head; one in the lower head and one in the upper head, along with one on the left cheek and one in his right forearm.”

Another officer overheard the report of the stabbing and went to Kroger to investigate. When the officer arrived in the back of the nearby Feeders Supply, the officer noticed a vehicle approaching, according to the officer’s report. The officer identified and detained Blankenship.

Once he was detained, Blankenship told the officers that it had been Keller who attacked him with a knife. But the injuries sustained by Keller and Blankenship weren’t consistent with his story, according to the report.

“While talking to Keller, it was obvious that his injuries matched up with what he had reported, due to he had stab wounds to the back of his head and one to his right arm,” according to the report. “The only injuries Blankenship had were the cuts to his two fingers, which is consistent with stabbing someone and hitting a hard bone, or a skull in this instance, and the hand sliding down the knife, cutting the fingers.”

Keller was transported to Floyd Memorial Hospital and Health Services in New Albany by family members for treatment, according to the report, while Blankenship received treatment for his wounds at Clark Memorial Hospital prior to being booked in at the jail.

Officers were unable to locate the knife used in the incident, according to the report.