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January 20, 2014

Jeffersonville man faces dealing cocaine charge

24-year-old found with crack cocaine in his hat


CLARKSVILLE — A Jeffersonville man was arrested Friday after he was found with crack cocaine in the bill of his hat during a traffic stop, Clarksville police reported.

Maicah Garner, 24, Lynndale Drive, was later preliminarily charged with class A felony dealing in cocaine; class B felony possession of cocaine; class D felony operating a vehicle while intoxicated; and two additional misdemeanor OWI charges.

Clarksville police stopped a vehicle driven by Garner along U.S. 31 after midnight Friday morning. He was traveling 12 mph over the speed limit, according to the police report.

After the officer initiated the traffic stop, Garner made a “very sharp and quick turn into the Pyramid Village [apartments],” according to the police report.

The officer noticed a strong odor of alcohol after speaking with Garner, who admitted to having a few drinks before driving.

During the stop, the officer “observed a baggie containing some sort of white, rocky substance in the folded bill of his winter cap, and this baggie was mostly in plain view,” according to the report.

After being asked to step from the vehicle, Garner stumbled and had to use the vehicle for support, police reported.

The officer was then given consent to retrieve the plastic bag from Garner’s hat.

“Inside the bill of the hat was a baggie tied in a knot, and it contained approximately 2.2 grams of crack cocaine,” the officer noted in the report.

The officer reported Garner then “ ... became very uncooperative, refusing all field sobriety tests and when he was read Indiana Implied Consent, he refused.”

Prior to the stop, Clarksville police had received information from a woman who claimed she had purchased crack cocaine from a man known to her as Mike. She told police that Mike sells crack cocaine at the Clarksville hotel where she had stayed. The woman also told police the description of the vehicle the man drives.

Shortly after the information was received, police pulled over a vehicle driven by Garner, which led to his arrest.