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July 3, 2013



Traffic stop in Clarksville leads to heroin charges

Clarksville police stopped a van for traveling 52 mph in a 35 mph zone along Lewis and Clark Parkway on Friday afternoon.

Blake D. Eldridge, 22, of Williams Street in Jeffersonville, and John M. Manning, 24, of Pekin, occupied the vehicle.

Eldridge was initially found to be driving on a suspended driver’s license and police reported Manning was seen hiding something behind the driver’s seat. Eldridge gave consent for the officers to search the vehicle.

“Behind the driver’s seat, [an officer] found a bent, burnt spoon with heroin residue still on it, along with 0.5 grams of heroin in a clear, plastic baggie,” the officer reported. “I then found seven syringes under the driver’s seat.”

Manning told police he hid the spoon because he didn’t want Eldridge to go to jail, police reported.

Both men denied ownership of the heroin, but Eldridge did take responsibility for the syringes.

Eldridge and Manning were each taken to Michael L. Becher Adult Correctional Complex from the scene of the traffic stop.

Eldridge was preliminarily charged with possession of narcotic drug, a class B felony, and possession of syringe and manufacturing paraphernalia, both class D felonies. Manning was preliminarily charged with the same, in addition to D felony obstruction of justice.


JPD makes battery arrest at businesses

Jeffersonville police responded to Thornton’s gas station on West Court Avenue about 10 p.m. Saturday in reference to a man and woman fighting in the parking lot.

Corey Lance Palmer, 28, of Louisville, was seen by the responding officer walking toward nearby Mulberry Street. Palmer told the officer that while at the gas station with his girlfriend, she had wanted to leave and take the three children in the vehicle with them. He said he and the woman had been arguing for several days.

Palmer told police he had become upset in the course of the argument on Thornton’s property and shoved his girlfriend to prevent her from entering the vehicle. He then told police he walked away from the altercation to prevent further fighting.

Police then spoke with the woman who said Palmer had punched her three times in the arm and she had exited the vehicle, crying and wanting to leave with the children.

When she tried to enter the driver’s seat, she told police Palmer halfway entered the passenger side and kicked at her. She then exited the vehicle and when she attempted to re-enter the vehicle, “Mr. Palmer began slamming the driver-side door into her arm several times,” according to the police report.

Police then spoke with several witnesses who stated they saw Palmer push the woman across an empty parking space and into a parked car. They reported Palmer had also slammed the driver-side door approximately five times while the woman’s arm was between the door and door frame.

Palmer was taken into custody and preliminarily charged with D felony domestic battery. He was later released from Michael L. Becher Adult Correctional facility on his own recognizance, even though a $30,000 court-cash bond had previously been issued, according to jail officials.


Controlled substance found in vehicle

A traffic stop was made by Clarksville police about 11:15 p.m. Friday after clocking a pickup truck driven by Charles Lucas, 34, of North Carolina, traveling 52 mph on Lewis and Clark Parkway.

The officer noted in the police report “a strong odor of alcohol coming from the cab and as well from [Lucas] and his breath,” after the stop was made.

When Lucas was asked by the officer if he had been drinking, he said he had not.

Police reported that Lucas had trouble finding his driver’s license, which he “overlooked three or four times,” and had trouble opening the vehicle’s door and had used the truck to keep his balance while exiting. He then failed several field sobriety tests, police reported.

During a portable breath test, he returned a .104 blood-alcohol concentration. While searching his vehicle, police reported locating five Loratab pills in a cigarette cellophane wrapper and a 4-inch straw used to ingest the prescription medication.

While at the Michael L. Becher Adult Correctional Complex, a second breath test was administered, which Lucas returned a .09 BAC.

Lucs was preliminarily charged with possession of controlled substance, manufacturing paraphernalia, and operating a vehicle while intoxicated, all class D felonies, and two class C misdemeanor OWIs.


House search results in heroin seizure

Clarksville police responded to 409 W. Harrison Ave. Sunday afternoon after an anonymous source alerted them to possible drug activity in the home.

On their arrival, they came into contact with the home’s residents, Justin Clay Love, 20, and Kevin Andrew Schuler, 18.

Police reported both men appeared to be under the influence of heroin and that Love was seen with “needle track marks in the bend of his forearms, also commonly associated with heroin drug use ... .”

During a walk through of the home, police reported locating in plain view drug paraphernalia associated with smoking marijuana and spice. When police asked the men if there was any other illegal materials in the home, they both said there was not.

A small lock box with a padlock on it was then found in the home by police. Both men initially denied ownership of the box, but Schuler later said the box was his and it was shared by him and Love. He then gave police the combination to open the box.

In the box officers found a syringe in a cigarette package, several rocks that tested positive as heroin and four amphetamine tablets.

Love was preliminarily charged with possession of narcotic drug, possession of syringe, maintaining a common nuisance, possession of controlled substance, all class D felonies, and A misdemeanor possession of paraphernalia.

Schuler was preliminarily charged with possession of narcotic drug, possession of syringe, possession of controlled substance, all class D felonies, and A misdemeanor possession of paraphernalia and B misdemeanor visiting a common nuisance.