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June 10, 2014

Charlestown man faces domestic battery charges

Girlfriend claims he smoked crack, assaulted her


CHARLESTOWN — A man faces domestic battery charges after a Sunday altercation with his girlfriend at their Charlestown home.

Charlestown police responded to the Fairfield Avenue home in the Pleasant Ridge subdivision about 1:15 a.m.

A woman at the home told the officers that her boyfriend, Jeremy McQuirt, “beat her up,” according to the police report.

She said that the altercation started after McQuirt, 37, had woken up angry the day before because he didn’t have any cigarettes. The woman was able to obtain some money by selling a yard tool to McQuirt’s mother for $24.

After giving McQuirt the money to buy cigarettes and milk for their children, the woman reported, he bought drugs instead.

“[The woman] stated Jeremy [McQuirt] arrived home later that day and [she] found him smoking crack in the bedroom,” according to police.

The argument escalated, the woman said, because McQuirt was trying to leave the home, but she argued he was too intoxicated to leave. She reported while she was getting clothing out of a drawer, McQuirt kicked the drawer closed on her hand, then grabbed her and threw her to the floor.

The woman told police while on the ground, McQuirt choked her making it difficult for her to breathe. She claims he then pulled out a pocket knife and held it in an aggressive manner. McQuirt then threatened to kill her and her children, she told police. She also claimed McQuirt physically prevented her from leaving the home, and she had no access to a telephone.

The incident ended when McQuirt left the home, according to he woman.

Police found the woman with red marks around her neck and bruising on both of her arms.

The woman’s newborn and 6-month-old and one of McQuirt’s children were present during the altercation.

Police located McQuirt at another home on the same street.

“After making contact with Jeremy [McQuirt], he immediately stated, ‘I didn’t hit her,’” police reported.

He also claimed he was assaulted by the woman, but he had no signs of injury or complaints of pain, police reported.

McQuirt was preliminarily charged with class B felony criminal confinement; class C felony intimidation; domestic battery, neglect of a dependent and strangulation, all class D felonies; and class A  misdemeanor interference with reporting of a crime.

McQuirt is being held at the Clark County jail under a $10,000 full-cash bond.