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January 13, 2014

Louisville man sentenced in 2012 fatal auto accident

Cab driver given 44 years in prison in crash that killed four


NEW ALBANY — A Louisville man was sentenced to 44 years in prison Monday during a hearing in a Floyd County court for his involvement in an automobile accident on Ind. 111 in 2012 that killed four people.

Charles Barlow, 33, Louisville, a Yellow Cab taxi driver at the time of the crash, was driving a taxi cab in excess of 80 mph near Horseshoe Casino when he struck an oncoming Cadillac head-on shortly before midnight Oct. 28.

Barlow is believed to have driven the vehicle off the road, overcorrected, then collided with the Cadillac. The three passengers in the taxi cab were all Louisville residents and each died at the scene, none escaping from the vehicle that was found fully engulfed in flames by first responders.

It is believed Barlow and the passengers were familiar with each other.

The driver of the Cadillac was rushed from the scene by air ambulance to University of Louisville Hospital, but succumbed to injuries at about 1 a.m.

Barlow, the sole survivor, was taken from the wreck scene to University of Louisville Hospital for injuries and later released.

Barlow was charged with four counts class B felony causing death when operating a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol level of .15 or more, and four counts class C felony reckless homicide. He was also charged as being a habitual offender, a classification that can enhance an offender’s sentence.

Barlow entered a guilty plea Dec. 20, weeks before Monday’s hearing.

During the sentencing hearing, Barlow was sentenced to 10 years for one of the class B felony charges and eight years for three of the reckless homicide charges for a total of 34 years. The habitual offender charge increased Barlow’s sentence in the Indiana Department of Correction an additional 10 years. The remaining four charges were dismissed.

Barlow’s sentencing includes no probation.