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March 31, 2014

Charlestown man arrested for attempted murder

Wife says he fired gun in bedroom, wants to see husband ‘get some help’


CHARLESTOWN — A woman walked into the Charlestown Police Department on Saturday afternoon and requested to speak with an officer.

When asked why, the woman said, “My husband tried to kill me.”

She said her husband, William E. Perry, 53, Oak Street, had fired a gun hours earlier while the two were in a bedroom of their home.

Perry was arrested the following day and preliminarily charged with class A felony attempted murder.

Before leaving her home, the woman collected the spent bullet cartridge from the living room floor and handed it over to the detective who took her statement.

She told the investigator that police had come to her and her husband’s Charlestown home the night before in regards to an argument between herself, Perry and another man. No arrests were made, and Perry had left the home “to cool off” at the same time police left the residence, according to the report.

With Perry out of the home, the woman told police she had attempted to keep him out by using a chair to secure the door. She claims she awoke the next morning, on Saturday, by the sound of the chair moving as Perry came into the home. While she was in the bed, Perry approached her and held a firearm about 18 inches from her head, she told police.

“[The woman] advised that William [Perry]  stated, ‘I’m going to kill you,’” according to the report.

The report continues, “[The woman] advised that she instinctively raised her right arm hitting [Perry’s] right arm, at which point [Perry] fired one shot.”

She reported the gunfire caused her ears to ring and her eyes to burn and she could smell the freshly ignited gunpowder.

She said Perry then called her a name before he walked out of the room. The woman said she then pushed the bed in front of the bedroom door to keep Perry away from her.

At one point, she left the room to get coffee, then went back to the bedroom, she told police.

She remained in the room for several hours, then left the house while Perry was still there with their 27-year-old handicapped son.

She told the detective that she ran errands around Charlestown, then returned home and began cleaning. While cleaning, she told police she found the bullet casing, and after thinking the morning’s incident over, she decided to report it to police.

The investigator asked her why she hadn’t reported the shooting earlier, and she explained that she feared her husband would have barricaded her and her son in the home.

“This isn’t the first time he has pointed a gun at me, just the first time he has pulled the trigger,” she told the investigator.

The woman said Perry had started drinking and stopped taking his prescribed medication, and that she wanted him to receive help from a mental health profession, not go to jail. She said he had not recently been acting like his normal self.

The investigator found that the reported incident was not the first time Perry was accused of threatening violence.

Charlestown police arrested Perry in 2005 for allegedly threatening to shoot one of his sons. He  also was arrested in an unrelated incident for allegedly threatening to shoot his wife and handicapped son.

After taking the woman’s statement, police went to their home and spoke with their son who was in the home at the time of the shooting. He claimed that he was awoken by the gunfire and that his father has been “‘not acting right’ and is ‘not in his mind at all,’” according to the report.

A notice to be on the lookout for Perry was put out Saturday to surrounding law enforcement agencies.

The investigator who had interviewed Perry’s wife the day before learned Perry may have been at a home on New Market Road on Saturday afternoon.

The investigator contacted the homeowner, and it was arranged for Perry to surrender himself to police.

He was taken into custody without incident. Perry told police he wanted to make no comment without his attorney.

In addition to the attempted murder charge, Perry was also preliminarily charged by CPD with criminal recklessness, a class C felony; pointing a firearm, a class D felony; and possession of a handgun, a class A misdemeanor.

Perry is scheduled to appear in Clark County Circuit Court No. 4 Tuesday, April 1, for an initial hearing.