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July 22, 2013

Repeat offender arrested, again

Drug-filled syringe found in motel room


CLARKSVILLE — For the second time in 16 days, A 23-year-old Jeffersonville woman was arrested after being found in possession of a hypodermic needle containing drugs.

Leah Hodges, 108 Orchard Hills Drive, was arrested Friday after Clarksville police entered her motel room and discovered a syringe filled with a pink liquid in the toilet.

The arrest took place 9 days after she was released from jail on methamphetamine-related charges.

In the first incident, Hodges was arrested July 3 after Clarksville police responded to a home on McTavish Drive in response to a report of a vehicle that had been driven into the yard of residence.

Hodges was found in the vehicle attempting to back out of the yard as police arrived. She told an officer that she had shot up methamphetamine about an hour before.

Hodges was found in possession of several hypodermic needles, including one that contained methamphetamine that was discovered after she had been taken to the Michael L. Becher Adult Correctional Complex.

In that arrest, she was preliminarily charged with possession of methamphetamine, a class B felony; possession of controlled substance, a class C felony; legend act violation, possession of needle or syringe, residential entry and operating while intoxicated, all class D felonies.

She was seen by a judge July 8 and a $15,000 court cash bond was set.

According to court records, a $1,500 payment was made, and she was released the following day.

The six felony charges stemming from her July 3 arrest remain in preliminary status, according to court records.

Police responded to Pyramid Village on U.S. 31 in Clarksville in about 1:30 a.m. on Friday on an unrelated theft call, when an officer was approached by Hodges.

The officer noted in the report that he recognized Hodges from the July 3 arrest.

Hodges told the officer that she had just recently been released from jail and “was doing better,” according to the police report.

She was then seen by police walking into one of the Pyramid Village rooms. The officer later knocked on the door and could see from the doorway that another person was in the motel room’s bathroom.

“I asked her who was inside [the bathroom] and she stated no one at first and when I asked her again, she stated just a friend,” the report stated.

The officer stood in the doorway and instructed the person, later identified as Chad Gore, to come out of the bathroom.

Hodges told the officer, “ ... she did not have anything and [the officer] was free to check her room, stating that she has not had anything since she had been out of jail,” according to the report.

The officer went into the bathroom and found the toilet still running and a “wadded up, foil pack at the bottom of the commode,” according to the report.

After lifting up the lid of the toilet’s tank, the officer discovered the syringe containing a pink liquid floating in the water.

Underneath the bathroom sink, the officer found a “small bag of synthetic marijuana.”

Gore told the officer the synthetic marijuana, also known as “spice,” was his, and he was later cited with possession of marijuana.

Hodges said the syringe belonged to her and that is was full of Valium.

“[Hodges] stated when she saw us pull in, she went back in the room and placed it in the toilet,” according to the report. “She stated that the foil pack inside the commode contained the Valium inside of it and was just trying to get rid of it.”

Hodges was taken to the Michael L. Becher Adult Correctional Complex and preliminarily charged with possession of needle or syringe and possession of controlled substance, both class D felonies.

The July 3 and Friday arrests are not the only times Hodges has been incarcerated on drug-related charges.

According to court records, Hodges is currently facing charges of possession of methamphetamine and possession of controlled substance, both class D felonies, which were issued in September 2012 from an August incident.

Concerning those charges, she has a pretrial conference scheduled for July 22.

Prior to the September 2012 charges, she was charged in June 2012 for D felony possession of controlled substance.

Court records show she has a jury trial slated for July 23 for the June 2012 charge.