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April 9, 2013

Two found with drugs in parked vehicle

Clarksville police makes arrest after finding cocaine in pickup truck


CLARKSVILLE — A man and woman were found in possession of cocaine while seated in a parked vehicle on Riverside Drive in Clarksville about 4:20 a.m. Saturday, Clarksville police reported.

A CPD officer reported he saw the pickup truck in a “blacked out” parking lot, and because of the early morning hour approached the vehicle. The driver, Troy Weathers, 45, of Louisville, and passenger Regina Anne Bentle, 40, of 106 Cardinal Drive in New Albany, were the occupants of the truck. The officer reported that he immediately noticed opened beer containers in vehicle’s console after approaching Weathers.

Weathers told the officer they had recently been at a party a few miles away in Jeffersonville.

The officer reported that Weathers showed signs of impairment and was asked to step out of the vehicle. Before asking Bentle to step out of the vehicle, the officer reported seeing a small plastic bag containing white residue in the vehicle.

“I also noticed in the seat between her legs and on the floor board beside the plastic bag was white residue spilled on the carpet,” the officer noted in the police report.

The cap of an ink pen was also located on the vehicle console which also contained white residue, the officer reported. Bentle was placed into custody at this time.

The officer then administered three field sobriety test to Weathers, all of which he failed. Weathers was asked by the officer, according to the report, if he had consumed anything other than alcohol.

“ … He would not answer this officer and would just stare off at a different direction,” the officer reported.

Weathers was then placed into custody, and the white substance in the vehicle was then tested and determined to be cocaine.

Weathers was asked by the officer if he knew what the substance was and where it had come from, to which he responded, “well it was in my truck, I guess it’s mine,” according to the report.

He then confirmed to the officer the substance was cocaine. 

“There were also several other ink pen caps with white residue spread throughout the inside of the vehicle,” according to the police report.

Bentle’s purse was then searched by the officer, who found a glass tube burnt on both ends and a metal tube burnt on both ends with “a piece of Brillo pad stuck in one end of it with burnt residue on it, which tested positive for crack cocaine,” the officer put into the report.

Bentle and Weathers were placed into separate patrol cars and taken to the Michael L. Becher Adult Correctional Complex in Jeffersonville.

The officer reported that Bentle then “became very agitated, screaming and hollering at this officer, stating that it was stupid that she was going to jail.”

Bentle was reported as being extremely intoxicated, but was not given field sobriety tests because when she stepped out the of pickup truck she could not stand without holding herself up on the vehicle and told the officer she was feeling sick.

Once Bentle and the officer approached the jail, she allegedly threatened physical harm to the officer after he refused to allow her to smoke a cigarette. According to police, once at the jail, Bentle then refused to step out of the patrol car by turning her back to the officer and ignoring his orders. When the officer told her that he would forcefully remove her from the patrol car if she continued to be noncompliant, she kicked at him and, again, started to scream and use foul language.

After Bentle exited the vehicle, the officer took her by the arm to lead her to the jail, and at one point she stated, “Don’t touch me. I’ll go into the jail when I want to,” according to the police report.

Bentle has been preliminarily charged with possession of cocaine/narcotic drug, a class D felony, manufacturing paraphernalia, a class B felony, resisting law enforcement, a class A misdemeanor, and public intoxication and disorderly conduct, both class B misdemeanors. Bentle was also wanted at the time of her arrest on two outstanding warrants out of Clark County following an OWI conviction in October. 

Weathers was preliminarily charged with possession of cocaine/narcotic drug, a class D felony, manufacturing paraphernalia, a class B felony, and two counts operating a vehicle while intoxication, class C misdemeanors.

Court records had not been updated with either suspect’s upcoming court proceedings as of press time.