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September 7, 2013

CRIME BRIEFS: Police say woman attacked officer


CLARK COUNTY — Jeffersonville police responded to a home on Chestnut Street on Sept. 1 to assist an intoxicated man who said he had accidentally cut his hand on a broken bottle.

While a paramedic was giving care to the man, several people arrived at the scene, including the injured man’s neighbor Olivia McCullum, 20, Chestnut Street.

The officer asked one of the disruptive people to step away, and the person responded by shouting curse words very loudly at the officer. As the officer approached the person, McCullum quickly approached the officer from behind.

“[McCullum] began cursing and shouting at [the officer] to leave her boyfriend alone because she believed he didn’t do anything wrong,” according to the police report.

The officer reported he then went toward McCullum to calm her down, at which time she shouted, “Get the [expletive] off me!,” according to the report.

As the officer attempted to put her into hand restraints, a physical struggle between the two resulted in both falling to the ground. During the altercation, McCullum took a closed-fist punch at the officer, but failed to connect, the officer reported.

She was taken to the Michael L. Becher Adult Correctional Complex on preliminary charges of battery to a law enforcement official, a class D felony, resisting law enforcement, a class A misdemeanor, and disorderly conduct, a class B misdemeanor.

At the jail, she provided a .049 BAC, and was additionally charged with class C misdemeanor illegal consumption.

‘Polite’ man charged in battery to girlfriend

James Wimp Jr., 21, Clearview Drive in Jeffersonville, was arrested Monday on preliminary charges of D felony criminal confinement and A misdemeanor battery following a dispute with his 18-year-old girlfriend.

Following the incident that took place at Wimp’s parents’ home where he lives, the woman, accompanied by her mother, reported their account of what happened to Jeffersonville Police Department officers.

The woman told police she became angry with Wimp because he was gone jogging when she arrived to meet him at his home. As the two later sat on a couch in the house, they began arguing over him having not been home, she told police.

She reported the verbal altercation evolved into loud yelling, and she decided she needed to leave the home. When she got up to leave, the woman said Wimp stood in front of her and wouldn’t let her leave. He also took her purse, keys and cell phone to prevent her from leaving, she told police.

She reported that Wimp then pushed her onto the couch, and when she tried to get up, he pushed her down again. After she was able to stand up, the yelling continued.

“Moments later, [Wimp] grabbed [the woman] by her arms, picked her up, and threw her over his shoulders and then carried her back to his bedroom and threw her on his bed,” she told police.

She was later able to leave the bedroom, at which time she went to her New Albany home, spoke with her mother and the two then went to the police department to make a report.

After the report was taken, police responded to Wimp’s home where he admitted to picking up his girlfriend, turning her and setting her down when she attempted to leave the home, but that she had followed him to his bedroom. He also told police he had taken her cellphone, keys and purse.

Police reported after talking with Wimp, he was placed into handcuffs and taken into custody, adding that he was “... very polite and respectful and was willing to cooperate regarding the incident ... ”


Man arrested for choking woman

A Clark County sheriff’s deputy responded to a drug overdose call at a home on Ashby Lane in Sellersburg about 6 a.m. Aug. 31.

Before reaching the home, the officer was informed by dispatch that a second call had been made to inform that the previous call was a mistake, as the caller thought her boyfriend had taken an extremely high dosage of her medication.

The officer was met outside of the home by James Matheson, 34, a resident of the home and the caller’s boyfriend. He told the officer he and his girlfriend had been in a fight and she thought he had taken the pills to harm himself.

After entering the home, the deputy found Matheson’s girlfriend lying on the floor crying. She said she was okay, but wanted EMS to respond because she had fallen.

The officer then spoke with the woman outside of Matheson’s presence, at which time she reported that he had choked her and she had fallen to the ground.

She continued to tell the deputy that after an argument between the two, Matheson went into the kitchen and cut his wrist slightly enough to cause it to bleed. The fight ended, and the woman went a store to buy Matheson bandages for his wrist. She returned home, bandaged his wrist, and another fight began involving text messages that Matheson had received from another woman.

The fight included Matheson getting on top of the woman as she lie in bed and choking her. At this point, the woman was led to believe Matheson took half a bottle of her medication, and she began to call authorities on her phone. During the call, Matheson took the phone away from her and broke it into several pieces, she told the deputy. The officer reported finding a smashed phone in the home.

The argument cooled, and she was able to use Matheson’s phone to make another call for assistance of what she believed to be an overdose.

The officer then spoke with Matheson who said that he had received the injury on his wrist when his girlfriend had attacked him with a knife. He was later arrested on preliminary charges of domestic battery and interference of reporting a crime.