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October 25, 2012

Man arrested after JPD says he entered neighbor’s condo

Justin R. Jones also facing multiple charges from earlier in the year


JEFFERSONVILLE — A man was arrested after police say he climbed into the attic space of his condominium building and entered his neighbor’s home through its attic access door.

Justin Ray Jones, 29, of 3029 Wooded Way, is believed by police to have burglarized the same neighbor by the same means about six week earlier, Jeffersonville Police Detective Todd Hollis said.

The home burglarized Tuesday is one of four homes in a four-plex at Cherry Creek Townhomes, according to JPD. Police confirmed the home was entered, but no property was identified as being taken from the residence.

Hollis said entry was made through the attic space, adding that the burglar could have only come from one of the three surrounding homes that share the attic. Officers ruled out that the suspect came from one of the two other homes in the building after speaking to the elderly residents who told police no one had entered their attic space on the day the burglary occurred.

Police discovered a large hole in a piece of drywall in the attic space separating the space between the victim’s home and Jones’ home.

Officers spoke with Jones in his home during their investigation. He told officers he had been in his home the entire day with his fiancé. He also told officers he had heard someone moving about in the attic earlier in the day.

Another person in Jones’ home told officers Jones had previously admitted he had committed the burglary at his neighbors’ home by going into the attic.

Police reported Jones was taken to the police department for questioning, at which time his statements were found to be inconsistent with the statement’s he had made at his home.

He was later preliminarily charged with burglary, a class B felony.

Hollis said Jones has been charged in the past for shoplifting at Meijer and Kohl’s department store. Jones was charged with theft, a class D felony, in January, July and September of this year. All the cases are ongoing, according to court documents.

Jones was charged in March with dealing in cocaine or narcotic drug greater than three grams, a class A felony. A jury trial was scheduled for Oct. 16, but no further information was available on that case as of press time.