News and Tribune

August 29, 2013

Indiana State Police releases statement on David Camm

Emphasizes Camm resigned from position before family was killed


— The Indiana State Police released a statement Thursday to clarify David Camm was no longer an employee with the agency at the time his family was killed.

The statement reads that Camm resigned from his position as a trooper nearly four months before the May 2000 murders.

“Regrettably, a majority of media outlets reporting on the Camm trial frequently introduce the news story as ‘Former Indiana State Trooper David Camm ...’ before continuing on with the latest update to the ongoing trial,” according to the statement.

The statement continues: “While it is accurate David Camm was formerly employed by the Indiana State Police, the context of this statement has led countless people to believe the reason he is a former trooper is because of his arrest for allegedly murdering his wife and children.”

The statement concludes: “It is the position of the Indiana State Police that the heinous murder of David Camm’s wife and children and the devastation to the families and friends of the victims is the story and should be the focus. Where David Camm worked four months prior to the murders has no bearing on the crimes for which he stands accused and should not be used to distract from the focus of these heinous crimes."

Camm's third murder trial is taking place today in Lebanon, Ind.