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March 13, 2014

3 P.M. UPDATE: Man freed from underneath truck after accident in Jeffersonville

A pickup truck struck a bicyclist while exiting Dairy Queen in Jeffersonville


JEFFERSONVILLE — A man was left pinned under a pickup truck in front of Dairy Queen along 10th Street in Jeffersonville about noon Wednesday, after the vehicle and a bicyclist collided.

The injured man, whose identity has not been released, was taken from the scene to University of Louisville Hospital by ground ambulance.

Jeffersonville Police Department Detective Todd Hollis said from the scene the man’s condition was not known, but that he was responsive before being taken to the hospital.

“We have not had a chance to speak with the bicyclist, yet.” Hollis said. “He was speaking when he left the scene, so we have hopes his injuries are not life threatening.”

Hollis said that witnesses reported the bicyclist was traveling eastbound, away from Spring Street, on the sidewalk directly in front of the Dairy Queen. He said the collision occurred as the driver of the Chevrolet truck was leaving the Dairy Queen parking lot and turning westbound onto 10th Street. The truck did not come to a stop until traveling nearly 12 feet and crossing a single westbound lane of 10th Street, which has two lanes of traffic in each direction.

No one involved in the accident had been identified as of Thursday afternoon.

Hollis said physicians from the Clark Memorial Hospital emergency room, located several blocks away, were called to the scene, as it was unknown how long it would take extract the man from under the truck.

The Jeffersonville Fire Department responded to the scene and conducted the technical task of lifting the rear of the truck to remove the trapped bicyclist.

“He [the bicyclist] was trapped underneath the truck itself, so the fire department used extraction equipment and blocks to raise the truck enough to where they could slide him out and put him in an ambulance,” Hollis said.

Capt. Tony Decker with JFD said when firefighters arrived on the scene, their initial task was stabilizing the injured man.

“We had a patient completely under the vehicle, actually, bent over with his back up against the rear axle of the truck,” Decker said, adding that after addressing the man, firefighters went to work stabilizing the truck.

“We slowly raised the vehicle up in a stair step [method] ... monitoring the patient at all times,” Decker said.

He said firefighters had recently completed training for very similar vehicle extraction scenarios, adding that it took a team approach to keep the trapped man and firefighters safe while raising the truck.

“It went pretty well,” Decker said of the extraction that involved raising the truck’s rear tires nearly a foot off the ground. “It was a very challenging position that the patient was in.”

A second accident, involving a JPD officer, took place along 10th Street approximately 40 yards from the initial accident.

Hollis said a JPD patrol car and another vehicle collided, as the officer responded to the accident. The slightly damaged JPD patrol car was seen stationary in front of Subway restaurant on 10th Street.

No one was injured in the secondary collision, Hollis said.

Indiana State Police was also on the scene diverting traffic onto cross streets and away from the two accidents.