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April 14, 2014

Attempt to remove Jeffersonville officer's firearm lands man in jail

Combative suspect held under $25,000 cash bond


JEFFERSONVILLE — A man is in jail after a reported vehicle burglary and physical altercation with Jeffersonville police in which he attempted to take the officer’s firearm from its holster Friday morning.

According to a police report, Larry Jaramillo, 27, address unknown, was found burglarizing a refrigeration-company van along East Charlestown Avenue about 7:50 a.m. The owner of the work van told police he found Jaramillo in the vehicle when he came out of his office and that he was able to detain Jaramillo before calling authorities.

When police arrived, the man and Jaramillo were found standing next to the van. As police ordered Jaramillo to place his hands behind his back, he stated that he had not done anything and that he was homeless. As the officer attempted to place Jaramillo in custody, he “began swinging his arms in an attempt to get away,” according to the report.

The officer reported he and the van’s owner then pinned Jaramillo against the vehicle. Jaramillo continued to resist arrest, however, and the officer responded by administering a Taser into his chest.

“The suspect stopped, momentarily, and looked as if he was going to the ground, then began running west from the property,” according to the report.

The officer and the van’s owner then began a foot pursuit of Jaramillo. The pursuit ended after Jaramillo attempted to scale a nearby privacy fence and was pulled to the ground.

The van’s owner and the officer were attempting to gain control of Jaramillo when the officer reported feeling a tug on his weapon.

“The suspect had his left hand around the grip of my duty weapon and was attempting to pull it from the holster,” according to the report. “I began yelling for the suspect to release the weapon, but he kept trying to pull the weapon out.”

The officer reported Jaramillo yelled, “Just kill me. Just kill me.”

The officer and the man then removed Jaramillo’s hand from the weapon, at which time “[Jaramillo] took his other hand and grabbed my groin and began squeezing,” the officer reported.

After the officer removed Jaramillo’s hand from his groin, Jaramillo again grabbed the officer’s weapon and attempted to removed it from its holster. The officer reported the van’s owner “pulled the suspect’s fingers from the weapon,” after which Jaramillo was successfully placed into custody.

Jaramillo was preliminarily charged with theft, unauthorized entry of a motor vehicle, intimidation, battery with injury to police, disarming a law enforcement officer and two counts resisting law enforcement.

He is being held in the Clark County jail under a $25,000 cash bond.

Jaramillo is scheduled to appear for an initial hearing in Clark County Circuit Court No. 1 Thursday, at which time he is expected be officially charged.