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December 6, 2013

Police: Man attempts robbery, fights Jeffersonville officer

Off-duty officer makes arrest


JEFFERSONVILLE — An off-duty Jeffersonville Police Department officer responded to Circle K along Hamburg Pike on Tuesday afternoon after hearing scanner traffic that an armed robbery was in progress at the convenience store.

While en route, the officer heard a dispatcher report that the suspect, later identified as Daniel W. Bohannon, 32, Jeffersonville, was still inside the convenience store wearing a gray, hooded shirt and camouflage hat. The officer approached the store with his firearm drawn to his side, according to the police report, after seeing Bohannon in front of the cash register and not knowing if the man was armed.

“I then opened up the door and said, ‘Police. Turn around and show me your hands,’” according to the report.

Bohannon complied with the orders of the officer, who had him exit the store and kneel on the ground with his fingers interlocked behind his head. The officer returned the firearm to its holster and reached for his radio to “tell the responding units to step it up, that I had the suspect detained, but didn’t have any handcuffs on me,” the officer reported.

As the officer held his radio, Bohannon raised to his feet. The officer responded by dropping the radio, grabbing Bohannon around the chest and ordering him to the ground.

According to the report, Bohannon refused the orders and took a swing at the officer, but failed to make contact. The officer responded by landing two punches to Bohannon’s face. The physical altercation resulted in the officer falling to ground and pulling Bohannon with him.

The officer reported that he was assisted by two people in the area who helped keep Bohannon’s hands visible until other officers arrived with handcuffs. After Bohannon was taken into custody, police spoke with the Circle K employee who reported the robbery.

The employee told police Bohannon had entered the store, slammed his hands on the counter and said, “Give me all of your money.”

The clerk said she asked Bohannon, “What?,” and he again demanded money and said he was not leaving “until he gets the money.”

She said Bohannon placed his hands in his pockets several times during the encounter, and she wasn’t sure he was carrying a weapon. The clerk was able to contact police while Bohannon stood at the counter.

Bohannon was preliminarily charged with attempted robbery, battery resulting in no injury to an officer and resisting law enforcement. The officer has requested he receive restitution from Bohannon for damaging nearly $250 of his property during the altercation.

The items included a watch, pants, firearm holster and .40-caliber Glock magazine.