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October 9, 2013

Men arrested for stealing copper in New Albany

Police said they needed money for heroin


NEW ALBANY — Two men were arrested Monday after they were caught stealing copper pipes and wiring from a house on Vance Avenue in New Albany to fuel their heroin addiction.

According to a probable cause affidavit, Brandon M.  Larson, 29, Charlestown and Joshua S. Adkins, 24, New Albany, broke into a house up for sale. When the real estate agent came by to take pictures, he heard them in the basement.

The real estate agent went to the back of the house and saw two men with backpacks run out from the basement, later finding copper pipes and wiring missing.

After police were dispatched, Adkins was running without a shirt on down Vance Avenue. An officer stopped and handcuffed him, asking him what he was doing. He told the officer he was jogging to get in shape.

Another officer apprehended Larson, who told police they were addicted to heroin and were trying to make money by scrapping copper.

He told officers they broke into the home using a pry bar into the rear basement door. When they heard the real estate agent in the house, they ran.

An arrest report says they were interviewed by police after they were taken to the New Albany Criminal Investigations Department, where they gave similar statements to police.

Both men are in the Floyd County Jail, Adkins under a $50,000 cash surety bond and Larson under a $15,000 court cash bond. Adkins’ initial hearing is set for Oct. 10 in Floyd Circuit Court.

Larson entered a preliminary plea of not guilty on Wednesday. Both men face charges of burglary and theft, C and D class felonies, respectively.