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October 30, 2013

Police bust duo’s prostitution operation in Clarksville

Smell of burnt marijuana led police to incriminating information


CLARKSVILLE — A complaint of marijuana odor coming from a home in Clarksville apartment complex led police to uncovering a two-person prostitution operation.

No arrests were made, but both Chanda Hicks, 39, Louisville, and Tyrone Goodman, 43, Clarksville, were cited during the incident at about 3 p.m. Friday. Hicks was cited for prostitution, and Goodman was cited with promoting prostitution. Both were also cited with possession of marijuana.

Clarksville Police Maj. Darrell Rayborn said Hicks reported that six to seven men would come to the apartment each day, and she and Goodman would charge $150 per visit.

“I don’t know their relationship, other than he was possibly her pimp,” Rayborn said.

The activity took place in Goodman’s unit located in the Clarksville apartment complex, the name of which police are not disclosing at this time.

A Clarksville Police Department officer working off duty a security guard at the apartment complex received a complaint of marijuana odor coming from the unit. The off-duty officer called Clarksville police, and a uniformed officer responded to the home.

The officer was permitted to enter the home by Hicks and Goodman.

While in the home, the couple told the officer where bags of marijuana were located in the home. Rayborn explained that the officer found computer with a screen displaying information.

“Something on the computer indicated there was something going on in regards to prostitution,” Rayborn said.

He said there was no prior indication that prostitution had been taking place in home, and it was only a coincidence that police learned of the sex crimes after responding to the marijuana odor complaint.

Rayborn said the case has been closed and that no other people are believed to be involved in the alleged prostitution.