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August 26, 2013

Meth labs found in Clarksville

Two taken into custody


JEFFERSONVILLE — Clarksville police took three active methamphetamine labs off the street and made two arrests early Monday morning after responding to a report of a suspicious vehicle.

Donald A. McKim, 47, and Deborah Andres, 32, have each been charged with multiple methamphetamine-related felonies.

Clarksville police Detective Joel DeMoss said police received the suspicious vehicle call about 3 a.m., and an officer responded to the parking lot of Old Towne Village Apartments at 790 Irving Drive.

The officer found McKim alone in a pick up truck and a one-pot methamphetamine lab in the vehicle’s cab.

DeMoss said McKim reported he went to the Old Towne Village parking lot to “burp” the mobile meth lap because it was too dangerous of a process to carry out in his room at America’s Best Inn about a mile away on Eastern Boulevard.

The burping of a one-pot lab releases air in the contraption and prevents it from possibly exploding, DeMoss said.

McKim was placed under arrest, and he gave police permission to search his room at America’s Best Inn.

Police and McKim went to the hotel room, where Andres was found.

DeMoss said two additional one-pot meth labs were found “in plain view” in the hotel room by police , and Andres was taken into custody.

Indiana State Police was called to both locations to safely remove the methamphetamine labs and seize other methamphetamine-cooking materials.

McKim and Andres were charged with manufacturing methamphetamine and class B felony possession of methamphetamine.

McKim was also charged with maintaining a common nuisance, a class D felony.

The pair have a shared listed address on Kepley Road in Georgetown, but DeMoss said it is likely they are transients using the Clarksville hotel room for drug activity.