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August 29, 2013

Knife-wielding teen arrested in New Albany

18-year-old accused of threatening woman, attempting home break in


NEW ALBANY — A New Albany teenager was arrested Monday after attempting to break into a home then threatening a woman with a knife, police reported.

Raymond T. Sorg, 18, William O. Vance Court, who has been charged in a Floyd County Superior Court III with D felony criminal recklessness and A misdemeanor resisting law enforcement, told New Albany police the assault took place because he had been disrespected.

After Sorg was taken into custody, he told police that as he had walked through a residential complex to reach King David Apartments on University Woods Drive, someone yelled, “Get out of here, boy,” according to the police report.

Police reported Sorg didn’t know if the voice had come from a man or a woman, “ ... but, stated he was angered by this disrespect and intended to find the person who made the statement.”

Sorg looked at a surrounding residential building to locate who yelled at him, and found a window open and a person inside walking past.

He then went to an apartment in the building and knocked on the door. A man opened the door, and Sorg asked him if he was the person who had yelled at him. Sorg told police the man said he had not yelled at him, but was only watching TV on his couch. Believing the man, Sorg left, but later returned after seeing the same window he noticed before had been closed.

When police later talked with the resident of the apartment , he said Sorg had told him he had spent the last five years in prison and that he was not a man to mess with.

The man told police he had said to  Sorg, that he had spent the last five years living in Philadelphia and was not afraid of him.

The man told Sorg that the window he was asking about was to a different apartment unit.

Still angry with being disrespected, Sorg went to another door of the building, hoping to find the person who yelled at him.

He knocked on the door of nearby apartment, but no one came to the door.

“[Sorg] stated this angered him because he could hear people moving inside the apartment and was certain this was where the person who told him to leave the area must be hiding,” police reported.

Sorg returned to the window, on another side of the building, pushed up its screen and attempted to open the locked window with his hands, “ .... with intent to call out to the persons inside so they could talk about him being told to leave the area,” police reported.

According to the police report, Sorg then removed a knife from his pocket to unlock the window, but the knife was too large, so he used a WalMart card to try to pick the lock.

Sorg told police at this time he heard a woman’s voice from the front of the building yelling about someone trying to pry open her window. He then walked around the building and found a female holding a pink baseball bat.

He told police he felt threatened, so he again removed the knife from the pocket of his shorts and opened its blade.

Sorg reported the woman accused him of trying to open the window and “began calling him dirty and made fun of him for having holes in his clothing,” police reported.

Sorg claimed the woman came after him with the bat so he began walking toward her with the knife. Before any physical contact was made, Sorg was made aware that police had been called, and he fled the area.

“[Sorg] stated that he does not like the police due to a lengthy history with law enforcement so he once again decided the situation was not worth his trouble and left the area,” according to the report.

He also reported to police that he had not made any threats to harm any person at the scene and never used a knife to pry open the window to the woman’s apartment, a statement which appears to contradict prior comments.

When police interviewed the woman from the apartment, she said she had seen through the peep hole of her door, a heated conversation between the man from the apartment and Sorg as he held a knife behind his back.

Moments later she saw a man, later identified as Sorg, knocking at her door, and soon afterward, saw Sorg with a knife trying to open a window of her home.

Police were called from her home, and the woman armed herself with the pink baseball bat and went outside, she reported to police.

She saw Sorg come from around the building, still carrying the knife, and he yelled at her, “What? You dirty (expletive)! I’ve got a knife. What are you going to do,” she told police.

As Sorg came toward her, she told him she had a bat and would use it to defend herself.

She said Sorg yelled at her, “I’ve got a knife and you’ve got a bat. What are you going to do here then you dirty (expletive),” she reported.

After Sorg thrust the knife at her, she ran from him and called police, at which time Sorg ran from the area, police reported.

Sorg was located by responding officers running behind a business complex in the 2600 block of Charlestown Road and into a wooded area across from Charlestown Station Court. Police called to him, and he voluntarily stepped out of the wooded area, police reported, after he had hidden the knife and his shorts and shirt.

Police said Thursday that the items were recovered and taken as evidence. It is unclear what clothing Sorg was wearing at the time of his arrest.

According the Floyd County Jail staff, Sorg  remained in the facility as of Thursday afternoon under a $5,000 court-cash bond.