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October 30, 2013

Principal hired for New Tech school in Clarksville

Brian Allred, Clarksville's principal, named head of new school


CLARKSVILLE — A director for the New Tech high school was hired from within Clarksville Community Schools, but two board members didn’t vote in his favor.

Brian Allred, principal of Clarksville High School, was hired as the head of the new school — scheduled to open in August 2014 — at Tuesday night’s board of trustees meeting. But Mike Kane, board member, and Andy Bramer, vice president, voted against him.

Both Kane and Bramer said their votes weren’t necessarily reflective of their opinions on Allred, but their hopes for new blood in the district.

After the meeting, Bramer said the committee set up to review applications for principals for New Tech revisited every resume a couple of times, but came back to Allred.

“It’s nothing personal against him,” Bramer said. “When we started this, we really wanted someone to come in either with no reputation and a new style to head this project up. When we got the applications, there really wasn’t anyone in there that fit that bill. I know the [selection] committee, as far as talking to them with the process they went through and looking through applications several times, it was more just in my mind, I was hoping to see someone new instead of someone that was already in the system.”

Kane said he felt the committee did its due diligence to make sure it got the best candidate possible, but regardless of who got the position, he’d support them.

“This is a tough decision, it’s a big decision for this corporation, it truly is,” Kane said. “It’s one that I, personally, put a lot of thought into. Regardless of how the vote goes on this appointment this evening, I just want everyone to know that I am behind New Tech 100 percent and will give my support to whoever is put in that position. However the vote goes I will do whatever I can to help that person make that school successful.”

After the vote, Bill WIlson, president, said he knew the board would help Allred, regardless of the ayes and nays. He said with so much riding on the project, it couldn’t afford to have anything but success.

“We will support you, I want you to know that,” Wilson said. “I want everyone to know that because we want you to be successful. You’re the man chosen for that job, we expect you to do that job, we will support you in doing that job.”

Allred starts working in his new position in June.

The board also unanimously approved awarding the design/build contract for New Tech to ARC Construction Management on a tentative basis, until it reviews a final contract and dollar figure for the project.

Also, the board approved working with Bandy, Carroll and Hellige as the advertising agency for New Tech and the whole district. Wilson said it’d work on branding the district and simplifying a message to advertise New Tech. He said he hopes the district can get started on working on the projects as soon as possible.

The agreement wasn’t a contract, so no set dollar amount was approved for the agency. Kim Knott, superintendent, said she would set a dollar amount for each project they work on together.

Also, the board approved a preventative maintenance plan for heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems in the elementary and middle schools in the district. Knott said with all the work that’s about to happen at the high school, it wasn’t included in this plan.