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October 20, 2012

Democrat or Republi-can?

Can drive supports charity, gives students voice in election


JEFFERSONVILLE — Rather than just supporting political persuasions, a Jeffersonville High School student has found a way to make a vote help families in need around town.

Austin Goodson, a senior at JHS, is partnering with The Center for Lay Ministries to give them canned goods, but also give their opinion on who they’d vote for in the upcoming presidential election. Each can donated will represent a presidential vote for either Democrat Barack Obama or Republican Mitt Romney.

Members of the school’s sponsor organization, the National Honor Society, will collect donations during lunch periods and keep a tally of each vote. All students can contribute and the class with the most goods donated will win a pizza party. Community donations are also accepted at the school’s front office during school hours.

Donations will be accepted from Monday, Oct. 22, through Nov. 2.