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August 13, 2009

SNAPSHOT 2009-10: Southern Indiana By The Numbers (Salaries, demographics, trends and more)

Published Sunday Aug. 9, 2009 in home delivery copies for subscribers

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Cover and Back Page (pdf)

Pages 2-3 Contents (pdf)

Pages 4-5 (pdf) Clark County

Pages 6-7 (pdf) Floyd, Region

Pages 8-9 (pdf) Real Estate

Pages 10-11(pdf) Income, Taxes

Pages 12-13 (pdf) Business

Pages 14-15 (pdf) Roads, Commuting

Pages 16-17 (pdf) Top Salaries

Pages 18-19 (pdf) Crime

Pages 20-21 (pdf) Youth Safety

Pages 22-23 (pdf) Driving

Pages 24-25 (pdf) Schools

Pages 26-27 (pdf) Schools

Pages 28-29 (pdf) Schools

Pages 30-31 (pdf) Higher Ed

Pages 32-33 (pdf) Consumers

Pages 34-35 (pdf) Charity Gaming