Clarksville Wastewater billing

An example of the new bills that will be sent out by the Clarksville Wastewater Department.

CLARKSVILLE — Residents in the Town of Clarksville can expect to see some changes in the coming days at the mailbox.

As of August, the Clarksville Wastewater Department will be transitioning to letter billing rather than the traditional postcard-sized bills residents are accustomed to.

Wastewater officials say letter billing will allow them to include more information for customers about the wastewater department as well as any service changes. Some residents also complained that the postcard bills were too small and easy to lose, so the larger formatted bills will make it easier for those residents.

One other change to note is the ending of the department’s “pink sheet” mailings. In the past, if an account was more than 30 days overdue, residents would receive a pink letter notifying them that a lien would be placed on their property if they did not settle their account. If those notices are required, they will now be included in red print on the letter bills.

Wastewater bills are mailed between the 25th and 31st of each month and payments are due to the Wastewater Billing Office on the 15th day of the next month. Payments may be by cash, check or money order, or sewer customers may opt to enroll in electronic funds transfer. If a bill is unpaid after the 15th day of the month, a 10% penalty applies as prescribed in Indiana Code 36-9-23-31.

Wastewater bills may be paid online. Residents with questions or concerns may contact the billing office at 812-282-0441.

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