NEW ALBANY— Four local photographers will be showcasing their work at New Albany’s Chestnuts and Pearls Gallery starting Sept. 5 for an early show and then as a part of the Louisville Photo Biennial until November.

Gallery owner Linda Williams grouped the images together for the Life Changing Show, which will present subjects from day-to-day objects, to literal stages of life and death, to the Black Lives Matter protests from last summer.

“With this show it just all came together that I could say that all their photography is about the different stages, and cycles, and [changes],” Williams said, noting that she did not want to stifle the artists’ creativity by providing a themed guideline ahead of time.

Photography duo Sharon and Jessica Bussert typically spend their time traveling and taking pictures of wildlife and landscapes but when lockdown struck last year, the couple pointed their cameras at things closer to home in Nashville, Ind.

“For most of the last 18 months we haven’t been able to travel, and we weren’t even getting out around our own area much. We missed our photography, and started working on a floral series because it could be done safely, in our own home,” Sharon Bussert said.

The Busserts’ exhibit “Blossoms” includes a series of black and white floral blossoms, with the bright flowers contrasting against a black background that Sharon Bussert said reminds her of the isolation and darkness many people felt during the pandemic.

“What I see in this exhibit is that there is beauty around us everyday, even in times of trouble,” she said, “The level of detail in the images and the beauty of the flowers are a reminder of the beauty that is always present in our lives, even as we may feel alone.”

The other photography duo being showcased is “Wandering Eye” composed of Ann and Fred Bremer from Jeffersonville. For the Life Changing showing, the couple has chosen to display everyday items that tend to be overlooked either because of their size, location, or both.

“If those who view our work come away with an appreciation for the mundane we have accomplished our goal. And if they take the time to look — even better,” the Bremers said in an email.

In her exhibit titled the “The Circle of Life,” Paula Martin of Outside Images depicts just that: a series of photos that shows the beginning and declining stages of life in animals and nature. According to the Chestnuts and Pearls news release, Martin has participated in many exhibits in surrounding states.

The fourth photographer, Eric Morris, is involved in the community in various ways from being a restaurateur to capturing photos of Black Lives Matter protests in Louisville last year. His photographs came together in his exhibit titled “Know Justice Know Peace.”

Morris is also expected to show photographs of New Albany he took while working at his previous restaurants Gospel Bird and Hull and High Water.

Williams dedicates a lot of her personal time to the New Albany community, whether it is promoting local businesses on social media or starting a business to showcase the work of local artists.

“I’m only interested in local artists... There’s some wonderful art shows and there’s wonderful galleries in this area and I feel that there’s not enough being done to promote local artists and so that’s what we’re about,” Williams said.

The early show on Sept. 5 is free to the public. It will take place from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. at 157 E Main St. in New Albany.

The Louisville Photo Biennial takes place from Sept. 9 to Nov. 14 and includes galleries, libraries and universities in Louisville and Southern Indiana. Chestnuts and Pearls Gallery will also be showcasing Life Changing in a gallery hop during the first week of October.

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