A parade for Rauch residents

To keep them safe, Rauch’s residents in the Hawthorn Glen neighborhood were isolated beginning mid-March and while the action proved effective, the residents some loneliness. But a special occasion on May 9 changed those feelings when they were treated to an amazing parade of more 100 vehicles. Cruisers from the Sellersburg Police Department and trucks from the Charlestown Fire Department led the way with lights flashing and sirens blaring. About 50 residents and staff were waving and smiling back at the vehicles and their occupants as they observed the May 9 celebration from their front walks or driveways. Ten members of Rauch’s Angels even braved the brisk morning air and participated on their motorcycles - circling back and going through twice – in 30-degree weather. Numerous families, including a number of moms, rode by and expressed their love for their son, daughter or sibling generating lots of smiles and also a number of happy tears. Rauch is deeply appreciative to all who drove out and made this event such a resounding success.