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SOUTHERN INDIANA β€” Courts in Clark and Floyd counties are issuing new orders to extend the suspension of jury trials through early April amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

A Floyd County order issued Wednesday states that this includes criminal trials and cases that have included requests for early trial. Any motions for early trial in Floyd County between Dec. 7 and April 5 will be considered submitted April 4 and will be subject to docket congestion. Jurors summonsed in the first quarter of the year may be deferred to a later part of the year.

β€œThe Floyd County courts find that, due to the ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic and public health emergency good cause exists locally that emergency conditions remain in Floyd County which require that all jury trials, even those with a request for an early trial, be suspended through April 4,” according to the order.

On Dec. 7, Floyd County renewed the restrictions on jury trials, including early trials. A week later, the Indiana Supreme Court issued a similar ruling applying to all county courts in the state, It is set to expire. March 1.

Clark County will extend its suspension on jury trials through April 1, a courts spokesperson confirmed Thursday, which will help ensure the safety of the public and potential jurors.

The Southern Indiana extensions follow a November action by the Indiana Supreme Court that put the decision for court proceedings during the pandemic into the hands of local jurisdictions.

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