NEW ALBANY — The Floyd County Health Department is announcing a pilot project to test for COVID-19.

Beginning today, health officials will be using a drive-thru format, according to a news release issued Thursday night. Initially, the testing will be done in the parking lot of the Floyd County Health Department.

Health officials emphasize that this process will not test people who show up without prescreening, nor will walk-ins be tested at this time. Initial service hours today are from noon until 3 p.m.

This testing will only be done on prescreened patients. Patients who are currently testing, should continue this practice. The Health Department's tests will be run by a non-governmental lab. The intent is to identify and test patients who do not require immediate hospitalization.

The patients will be prescreened by the primary care provider or the Floyd County Health Department. The patient will then be given an arrival time. Health workers are not doing on demand testing; the prescreening process is essential to avoid delays and wasted, unnecessary tests.

On arrival, patients will have a copy of their government ID and insurance card (if available) made using an electronic device. They also will be asked to provide contact numbers.

A swab will be done of the nasopharynx. The testing process itself will take less than five minutes, the release states. Patients will be notified of test results, which may take several days to return.

This testing plan is a project in evolution. The Health Department will provide updates on changes in hours, format and testing procedures. For more information, call 812-948-4726, ext. 656

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