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INDIANA — Indiana continues to see highs in new COVID-19 cases not seen since winter, at both the state and local levels.

The Indiana Department of Health reported Wednesday 3,558 new positive cases from the previous day, of the total 809,545 statewide. Locally, Floyd County has 112 new cases and Clark County, 102.

Of the state’s newly reported COVID-19 deaths, two are in Clark County and two in Floyd. There have been 13,768 overall in Indiana — 203 in Clark County and 189 in Floyd County.

Indiana’s seven-day positivity rate for unique individuals between Aug. 5 and 11 is 19.4%; the seven-day rate for all tests during that time period is 10.5.%.

In Clark County, the seven-day rate for unique individuals is 20.5%, with the rate for all tests at 13.2%. Floyd County’s seven-day rate for unique cases is 17.9%, with the seven-day rate for all tests at 13.5%.

Wednesday is also the day the state department of health updates its color-coded map that shows rate of spread of the disease. The map tracks the number of new cases per week per 100,000 residents and the seven-day positivity rate. It runs from blue being the least spread to red being the highest. As of the most recent update, both Clark and Floyd counties remain orange. The map uses weekly data reported through the previous Sunday.

Statewide, COVID-19 hospitalizations are the highest they’ve been since January. In both Clark and Floyd counties, they’re the highest since February. In Clark and Floyd counties, people are being tested for COVID-19 in numbers not seen since February. Overall, the state’s testing numbers are the highest they’ve been since May.

The state numbers show more than 3 million Hoosiers are now fully vaccinated, 6,632 new, or just under half of the state’s 6.7 million residents. Of these, there have been 6,740 reported breakthrough cases, or people who were vaccinated but still tested positive for COVID-19. Of those, 226 have been hospitalized with 78 deaths.

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