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Dave Lobeck, BBQ My Way

Of all the foods I’ve had over the course of my five decades of spinning around the sun, gyros could be one of my favorite “street foods.” Scratch that. It could be one of my favorite foods of all time.

The theory is that the gyro originated in Greece, with the word itself translating to “turn.” I suppose that’s due to the fact that the meat rotates next to a heat source to cook. Gyros in Greece today tend to be layers of pieces of lamb, beef, pork and sometimes chicken. Any combination of the above mentioned meats works just fine. Here in the states, commercial gyros tend to be ground meats mixed with spices and then shaped into huge cone-shaped masses, frozen and then shipped all over the country.

Today’s version is the ground version that basically ends up being a finely ground meatloaf. We used ground pork and ground beef as I couldn’t locate any ground lamb. The flavor is unbelievable. Let’s get started with the meat. You’ll need to google the recipe for the Tzatziki sauce, which is an absolute must as a topping.

Dave Lobeck is an Edward Jones Financial Adviser in Jeffersonville by day and a BBQ enthusiast on nights and weekends. Liz is his wife. You can contact Dave with your BBQ, cooking or grilling questions at davelobeck@gmail.com. You can also visit their YouTube channel at www.YouTube.com/BBQMyWay.

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