JEFFERSONVILLE — A family-owned staffing company with a presence in 11 states has opened its 29th location in Jeffersonville, with hopes of helping to help support workforce needs as new companies continue to relocate in the city.

BelFlex Staffing Network, which specializes in staffing in manufacturing, distribution and similar industries, held a ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate the opening of its newest location at 2903 E. 10th St. Tuesday.

The company has two locations in Louisville, and Chief Operating Officer Bob Baer said the expansion to Southern Indiana came after two staff members from Jeffersonville pitched the idea.

“So as they talked to us and presented the business case to us and we had the chance to meet some of the local people in this area, we though that this was a great place for our newest branch of BelFlex,” Baer said.

He said that while the pandemic has presented challenges to the workforce due to multiple factors, “We understand some of those same challenges and work with the individual and our partner businesses to make sure we can give them a good experience of the opportunities that we send them to,” he said, adding that “The job market is very tough and I think we take a different approach. We have a very consultive approach to helping companies find solutions.

“So if there are businesses in the area that are struggling to find talent, we sit down and share with them some of our ideas and what’s made us successful over the 60 years we’ve been in business.

BelFlex also has a junior mentoring program, aimed at helping high school students learn about potential career paths.

Jeffersonville Mayor Mike Moore attended the ceremony and said he welcomes the company as an additional tool to help connect workers to the companies ready to hire them.

“The job market is extremely competitive right now and that’s why I’m excited to be here today,” he said. “This is another tool for employers in the city of Jeffersonville to find those job openings that they have, this is going to be [this company’s] job to create that workforce.

“Jeffersonville is using every tool we can to make sure that all the businesses in Jeff succeed.”

Moore said BelFlex adds to the initiatives already in place to help support the local economy and workforce, like the Jeffersonville Promise — which provides higher learning tuition for Jeffersonville High School graduates.

“We’re doing a lot of things in Jeffersonville that other cities aren’t doing,” Moore said. “Providing that free college education for any student that graduates from Jeff High, that’s another reason for families to locate in Jeffersonville. Companies believe in Jeffersonville, families believe in Jeffersonville, we love competition and we’ve got what it takes.

“You put all of these tools together, it’s like making a gourmet meal. You put a little ingredients here you put a little ingredients there and voila! you’ve got success.”

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