Montana Duke Austin, 30, Ghent, KY, warrant (felony)

Richard Charles Napier, 30, New Albany, warrant (misdemeanor)

Ann Marie Struble, 32, Jeffersonville, warrant (felony)

Martha Sue Strassell, 34, Jeffersonville, warrant (felony), warrant (misdemeanor)

Todd T. Morton, 54, Louisville, invasion of privacy

Amanda Coomer, 33, Sellersburg, domestic battery, warrant (misdemeanor)

Jason Wayne Arnold, 40, Marengo, habitual traffic violator, hold for other agency (misdemeanor)

Anthony William Holton, 39, Jeffersonville, aggravated battery, criminal recklessness, carry handgun without license

David Joe Davis, 43, Elizabeth, warrant (felony)

Misty Lynn Hurt, 35, Clarksville, warrant (felony)

Michael Allen Wallace, 27, Clarksville, warrant (felony)

Kelli Alexandra Brendle, 30, Lexington, warrant (felony)

Andrew B. Jenkins, 23, Jeffersonville, warrant (felony)

Kelly Sue Hollowell, 46, Charlestown, warrant (misdemeanor)

Christopher Ferguson, 32, no address listed, intimidation

Rodney Joshua Redden, 30, Charlestown, domestic battery, criminal confinement, armed with weapon, intimidation with a weapon

Ted M. Ernie, 46, Louisville, domestic battery by body waste, public intoxication by drugs, disorderly conduct

Michael Coleman, 49, Jeffersonville, warrant (felony)

Rocky Lee King, 38, Clarksville, possession of methamphetamine, warrant (felony)

Michael Adam Troutman, 36, Clarksville, warrant (felony)

Frank William Aldridge Sr., 53, New Albany, warrant (felony)


Robert L. Gibbs ll, 24, New Albany, intimidation to witness

Loupheuz Esters, 48, Louisville, warrant (felony)

Dale A. Wells, 63, Madison, warrant (felony)

Tarin Amanda Cox, 30, Charlestown, hold for other agency (felony)

Trayce Wayne King, 30, Jeffersonville, invasion of privacy

Joni Michele Rich, 53, Marysville, driving while intoxicated, possession of marijuana, hash oil or spice where person knew product was marijuana, hash oil, hashish or salvia

Lynn Nicole James, 39, no address listed, criminal trespass (prior conviction for same property)

Donna Morton, 50, Jeffersonville, warrant (misdemeanor)

Emily Arroyo, 22, Chicago, IL, driving while intoxicated (endangering a person)

Stephanie C. Anderson, 32, Jeffersonville, driving while intoxicated (refusal), disorderly conduct

Heriberto Vargas Valle, 62, Clarksville, driving while intoxicated (refusal)

Bailey McCutcheon, 21, Jeffersonville, driving while intoxicated

Kayla Marie Roberts, 28, New Albany, warrant (misdemeanor)


Richard A. Arensman, 30, New Albany, warrant (felony)

Daniel L. Shain, 50, New Albany, criminal trespass, failure to appear

Kenneth W. Brian, 38, Shepherdsville, KY, warrant (violation of parole)

Tarin A. Cox, 30, Charlestown, warrant (failure to appear)

Enos G. Stocks Jr., 43, Elizabeth, needs to sign a waiver of extradition for Columbus County, NC

Cathy J. Smith, 37, New Albany, warrant (violation of parole)

Jaquan J. McCallum, 39, New Albany, warrant (failure to appear)

Jacquie D. Reynolds, 41, Jeffersonville, warrant (violation of parole)

Darrell A. Hamlin, 49, New Albany, warrant (failure to appear), possession of methamphetamine, operating having never received a license

Tracy L. Boyce, 54, Salem, warrant (failure to appear)

Daniel A. Ott, 36, Floyds Knobs, habitual traffic violator

Maxwell E. Bingham, 23, Louisville, needs to sign waiver of extradition for Jefferson County, KY


Ana E. Caverly, 32, New Albany, driving while intoxicated

Lamon W. Robinson, 33, Louisville, driving while intoxicated with prior, driving while intoxicated (endangering)

Devin H. Taylor, 26, New Albany, driving while intoxicated

Elle I. Aragon Wells, 24, driving while intoxicated

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